As per Niantic post (in typically cryptic fashion), we now have permanent increased key hack output.

During the anniversary event, as anyone actively playing Ingress knows, all AP was increased 2x until 11:59 on December 1st.   I could care less for me.   But the event also included extra keys being hacked.

Up until now, hacking a portal would yield a key, provided you did not already have a key in your possession – about 75% of the time.    And you could glyph hack, using the MORE glyph, to receive a chance at a key even if you were holding one, subject to the 75% rule still.   But you never got more than one key, unless using the Fracker tool.

No more.    For the past several days I have gotten between 1 -3 keys from use of a MORE glyph.    As a micro fielder, I love it.   I may finally reach the point where I stop hoarding keys permanently, if I can potentially get 12 keys in 15 minutes from 4 hacks.

Currently I keep my key inventory at : 500 keys loaded in key capsules.  95 keys in an MUFG, duplicating madly.   One key in inventory for everything over 500.    And for Downtown Burbank, all keys sit in inventory and get destroyed if I have too many.    The idea of having, say, 50 keys in inventory and not carrying all those DTB keys sounds pretty good, more room for …… something.   Not sure what, actually.

Perhaps more souvenir keys.   I currently hold these keys as souvenirs :

  • The Disney Water Tower in Burbank.   I never thought I’d get to touch it, but I did, thanks to Ingress.
  • A piece of the Berlin Wall, from the Reagan Library.
  • The SR-71 at Exposition Park, near USC.
  • The Golden Princess portal.   This one is hilarious.   The submitter gave one that can only be reached, as a pedestrian, if you’re on a cruise ship.    I suppose you could take a little skiff out in the water if no ship was there.   “Spoofers and Passengers only”.
  • The Granville Gateway to Granville Island, Vancouver.
  • Omnia Ab Uno, New Orleans Cemetery.   This is the tomb purchased by Nicholas Cage for him and his family’s future burial.   It’s Latin for “From one, many” which annoys me being the opposite of “E Pluribus Unum”.
  • The Steak House in Euro Disneyland.    Someone dropped this at the Burbank Mall.