After having hit Level 16, my Ingress gameplay is a bit different now.   It’s a bit of a new game.

I have all the AP I’ll ever need.    It’s more about badges now – and boy, are there a lot of badges if you’d like to make them all Onyx.    My recent trip to New Orleans netted around 900 unique taps, with the Bay Area just pushing me over 4,000.   I still am not quite halfway to platinum for either unique badge, and I’m stuck in Gold medal land on most stuff.

Illuminator, Onyx that is, I’d like to get.    After the op I am at the halfway point, 2 million MU scored.    I should probably plan a BAF but they never seem to go very well.    So I peck away at this one, mostly in the SCV area.

Burbank, the MU is just so low.   I overfielded the entire Downtown Burbank area one time as a strategic move and calculated we are fighting over 600 MU.   Big points eh ?    Then again, anyone wanting onyx fielding and linking should get in and mix it up down there.   Plenty of +1 MU fields available.

I am also trying to help our lower level agents grow.    I tried to get my buddies playing, but it looks like they’ll only play when I’m around.   Yall in the SCV area (or Burbank) can always ask for stuff.   The problem with giving away gear is, I am generally always 100% full with gear.   So is everyone you try to give gear to.   Not to mention trying to get me anywhere to give the gear away.    But with that said, it’s always a good idea to try.

So badges and agents are now the draw.   And the daily grind.    I hit about 7 portals on a daily basis, maybe 100 weekly, and you never know where you’re going to end up any particular day.   Doing Beergress and meetups are fun, and I’m doing more of that.   There are a few of you I owe beers to once I finally run into ya.

And I spend time on the Intel map looking at interesting things.   It’s really weird that I’m playing a game that teaches me about places in the USA.    Did you know about the New Idria ghost town ?    3 portals there.    I look at places where we’re going camping for interesting portals.   And any downtown area is a place to wander, and gather uniques.

And wait until the portal approval system comes online.   Level 16 has at least that as a perk.