Every Ingresser has the story of losing their guardian.    I’ve had three, now.   They’re all pretty similar, but this is my blog, so you get my story.

Guardian #1 was a hard target, the Burbank Central Library.   It’s hard to capture.   Nevertheless, 20 days was all I could get out of it before the Energizer Bunny of Burbank knocked it down.   Gold Badge though.

Guardian #2 was never meant to be such – I only figured out which one of two it was after eliminating other possibilities.   But the RES in Santa Clarita royally pissed off the Bad Man for whatever reason, I’ve forgotten, and he went on a rampage taking every portal in town, finally taking down David March Park which had sat undisturbed for over 90 days.   Platinum Badge.

Then came #3, the perfect Guardian.  Summer of 2015.   July, if I remember correctly.   I visited Guerneville CA, a nice little old town way up north of San Francisco.    The draw was the Russian River, which you can lazily float down or just sit on a beach and relax near.

On our way home we stopped at a winery with horrid 3G reception and I captured the Russian River Mosaic, along with a bunch of other portals at wineries along the highway.    Sometime during September, some other Res player came by and used it to field.    I never saw it touched after that, until Saturday night, when an ENL player took it out.

I believe this was not a Griefing Incident (Although, if I’m wrong, I’d love to know).    Saturday night and an Ingresser stuck at a winery will probably result in a portal being taken, no matter how lousy the signal is.   It comes through eventually, or the portal would never have been submitted.    And I saw three distinct attacks the enemy player made, consistent with a portal with lousy signal.

I’m sort of relieved.    478 days is a long time to charge a portal; would have been nice to get 500, but oh well.    This was my second Onyx badge too.

I truly believe this is just a typical capture (this guy had over 10k unique taps), but I can’t believe the timing.   10:34 PM – I post the article about 7 Ingress Strategies.   I have some discussion about Guardians and Griefing with friends and players.    The people I hear from don’t really agree with me – Guardian Hunting is fine, many tell me.   That’s OK, it’s not like I’m an authority, all I get to do is express my opinion.   What’s weird is literally right at that time I lose my Guardian.

Coincidences are strange things, aren’t they ?     Sometimes what appears to be a coincidence is not – someone is up to something.    And sometimes, it is.   And in a paranoid game like Ingress, I will always have a nagging voice in the back of my head wondering, did somebody do this maliciously ?

The logical part of my brain insists no.   The “consipiritard” in me says it has to be connected.   I just need not to listen to that idiot… this time anyway.   He’s wrong.

Now, I wonder if any of my backup guardians will come through and push me towards 500.   I’m not holding my breath.

Guardian #3, Rest In Peace.

Guardian #3, Rest In Peace.

Postscript :

Want another coincidence ?   My MUFG just duplicated this key again.    Like I need it now.