I have played Ingress to completion – I’ve reached the level cap.   I pretty much know everything about this game.   I have thoughts about how the game should be played, so I decided to write out my list of commandments.   Seven Strategies for Ingress Success.

  1. Maximize your teams play, and minimize the other teams.
  2. This is actually just a game.   Real life comes first.
  3. Guardian Hunting is griefing.   Don’t grief.
  4. Give away your gear.   It’s a team game.
  5. Your experienced players are most important.   Still, help your newer players grow.
  6. Stay safe !   Don’t do dangerous or illegal things.
  7. Anomalies, Meetups, Rolling 8’s, Megafields are fun.   Do them.

Maximize your team’s play

It’s a tricky thing.    Does your play discourage an enemy agent ?   Then by all means, play as much as possible !    Do you encourage a lot of play by your fellow agents somehow ?   Keep doing it !

The idea isn’t too hard – the side with the most manpower wins.   Manpower is the amount of agents X their effort, added together.    It’s not hard to see on the micro level.   Go to some really small town on the intel map with only a couple of agents on one side, and you’ll see it all their color.    On a small enough scale you can do it alone, but on any scale that really matters it’s all about the team.

This even extends to NOT playing.   I have deliberately not played during times when I felt I was encouraging the enemy to come out and play; provided they did more than I did.   It’s all about winning the MU capture game in the end.

It’s a Game

Please don’t be like the agents who have marital problems because of the game.    Like, divorce and separation etc.    Most of us have spouses who are annoyed we play the game, that’s one thing.   But all good things can be overdone, and the muggles just don’t get it, so don’t be that guy/gal.

Don’t Grief

The hardcore MMO gamers came up with the term “griefing”, and it means playing the game in such a way as to make the other guy miserable, instead of the more conventional goals such as gaining levels etc.   This is distinct from PvP, since by its nature PvP means someone wins and someone loses.    So take that guy’s portal, by all means, but don’t decide that your opponent needs his guardian discovered and go out and hunt it.    Playing mean is not being a good gamer.

I am amazed at the steps people go to in this game to grief people.   Whole websites exist (I am told, I don’t know them) dedicated to figuring out which player has a guardian.   Creative types can figure out additional ones.   Really guys – play nice.   It’s not that difficult.

Give Away Gear

As a newbie I always felt bad about someone giving me gear.   DO NOT !    They are trying to contribute to the war effort by giving you gear, and you’re not beholden or anything to them.   By the same token, if someone needs something (or maybe even just asks), give it to them.    My best information is that we are usually in the same boat – most agents have too much gear.   So let it be used, and don’t worry about it.   You can hack more later.

Vets Vs Newbies

The veteran players, hardcore players, will always be the ones contributing the most to your side.    Either BAF’s, burning down farms, or the day to day grind, it’s the veterans who contribute the most, other than rare cases.    Newbies will never be more valuable, even though in theory 10 newbies should outplay one veteran.

And yet…. everyone started out a newbie.   Encourage your new players via comms, Hangouts, or whatever instant messaging platform.   Some of those newbies will disappear forever, but some will go on to be level 16 agents and may even outplay you.   So grow them, if you can.

There is a Burbank agent who is an absolute master at this craft.    I have seen him mentor so many bluebies up to being “over level 8” that I have lost count.    Be like this, and you’ll tip the balance in favor of your side just as effectively as that guy with no job who drives around 18 hours a day making fields.

Be Safe !

I have read about briefings at nuclear power plants, warning about trespassers coming for Ingress portals.    I have read about guys falling off of piers because they were hacking a portal.    And the most mundane being Ingressing and driving (I do it, too.   In traffic.   Usually).

We are playing a game only, please be safe.   Trespassing is illegal and prohibited, obviously.   But there are endless ways to be dangerous playing this game.    Remember to use your common sense.    And if you’ve fallen off the deep end, consider : How useful are you to the war effort if you are injured, arrested, or dead ?  Not useful at all.   So don’t break the law, and don’t get hurt.

Meetups are fun

Peruse this blog to find out how much fun a big field is.    Meetups are similar.   Anomalies are a crazy fun thing to do as well (so I am told.   Have to do one someday).    Get out there and meet your fellow agents, safely, and make new friends.

My best Ingress memories involve the big fields, and you can’t do those without other players.   Whether making my own, or helping others create theirs, Big Ass Fields are just a ton of fun and worth all the hassles.    Sitting down with a few beers with fellow agents and debriefing is fun too.   Don’t miss out on this part of the game.


I have also learned the best way to get the correct information on the internet, is to post the incorrect information.   Is the above wrong ?   Leave your comments !