7 AM

Time to wake up, says my body.    I don’t have to, but I get up anyway.   Check the Ingress intel screen, which shows no new blockers.   It also shows that the dangerous enemy agents have been up until after 1 am.    Perfect.   With any luck, they’ll sleep through the whole thing.  I smile a predatory smile and get ready.

I step outside for a moment.   It’s so quiet.   Cool temperature, no noise, as I look out over the city.    A huge Ingress battle will be happening soon.   Will it be in Santa Clarita ?   Or somewhere else ?    Who knows for sure.   I get prepared for battle.

Equipment ?   Battery, 2nd battery, laptop, Ingressing hat, all loaded into the car.   Full gas tank ?  Check.   Coke and water to drink ?  Check.   My team is all ready.   I give them some last minute encouragement before leaving the house at 9:30 AM.

10 AM

I have three portals to take care of.   I have never captured one, so I head out to this one first.    God help me if I have no reception – but at least I could find out early.   But it was no big deal to capture, and I burn it down along with its blocking links.

I was encouraged to set up a field north of the big one.    Sure – why not.   I hiked to the top of the mountain last month, was rewarded with keys, and even had one duplicate in an MUFG, then I haven’t used them.    The plan is written down on a legal pad.

It's low tech, but it works. Well.

It’s low tech, but it works. Well.

11 AM

I build my field.   I figured out how to make it two layers; could have done more, but would have taken too much time.   I watch for enemy agent activity, and don’t see too much.   It’s a normal day in the grind for the ENL.   Exactly what I wanted.

12 PM

I have two sides of the first layer built, and all the blocks cleared.    Too much is happening with the main field, and my questions about blocks go unanswered.   I needn’t have worried.   I head out and build the first layer.   I expected maybe 5,000 MU or so, but got a pleasant surprise.

Sixteen thousand ? I'll take it !

Sixteen thousand ? I’ll take it !

This meant that the second layer, which I planned for but didn’t know if I wanted to throw, suddenly got interesting.    I was thoroughly shocked by how much I got for this one too !

But..... that's a LOT more than the last one for a small additional amount of area.

But….. that’s a LOT more than the last one for a small additional amount of area.

I enjoy my 40k MU score, especially since this puts me over the halfway hump.   Halfway to Onyx Illuminator.   And part of the process of building this has me jarvis my second assigned portal.   Two down, three to go.

12:30 PM

I park and sit on my final portal.    I need to jarvis one of my own – so at least I don’t have to ask anyone for permission.     I wait for any word of problems, since I’m not doing anything at this point.

There’s a yogurt shop across the street – I’ve never been there.   I buy a sugary frappe type drink.    I feel for the Mexican family in there whose youngest decided to be a nasty brat, and gets carried out by an embarassed mother and father.    “I WANT THE (Unintelligible) !  I WAAAAAAANT THE (Unintelligible) !”.  My kids have done that, it’s not pleasant.    I use the bathroom, then carry my drink back to the car and glyph madly.

1 PM

Most of the blocking portals are down now, the team does their jobs perfectly.    And after all the blocks fall, I Jarvis my portal, holding an awesome and long linked little field which is blocking the BAF.    I simply report “Santa Clarita is clear” and we wait.   After a final slurp of the yogurt drink I head out.

1:30 PM

The operation is at a vulnerable spot.   The ENL have caught on, but don’t appear to have any local agents alerted.   We keep building, capping more portals and linking things up to prevent any blockers from happening in our area.   Thankfully, none occur.   And around 2 PM our link goes through.


One side down, two to go, for main operations.   But for us as block clearers, we’re done.   And that’s a nice field I’ve built up there too.

2:30 PM

It’s time for Beergress, or the Afterparty, any way you want to talk about it.   We all talk about the game and how much fun we had, strategize and enjoy watching the field finally go up after a bunch of drama.   The ENL were persistent; one agent played the role of blocker pretty effectively for awhile, but we had enough people that could travel and kill things that they outnumbered her, all blockers were down, and 8 million MU were scored.

Now that is pretty.

Now that is pretty.

5 PM

I’m back home with the family.    I didn’t use most of my gear, but you have to be prepared.   I come in and the girls are on the couch.

“OK hon, how did your Ingress go ?”

“It went well.    First I ………..”

“Great.   Your daughter needs help with her history homework”.

Back to being a Dad again.

Postscript :

My field lasted for 24 hours, so 4 checkpoints.    Despite hoping real hard, it did NOT last long enough to break my record for “Largest Field MU x Days” which at 30,717 is respectable.    Now that it’s down I can post this entry 🙂 .