Greenhall has been under assault lately, with the Resistance coming in and blowing it up pretty fast as the Enlightened build it up.   Some people are even using it to level up.

There it is !

There it is !

But it survives as a green farm.   So we got the local Resistance players to all meet on Friday night for some team building and takeover of the downtown area.   And as expected, the ENL team showed up.

The gameboard began pretty much 100% green.    All I wanted to do was wreck it, immediately.   They held me back – dinner was first.   Drinks were consumed and food eaten.    We talked strategy, we talked tactics, we talked personalities and about all kinds of nonsense.   And then we got up and started fighting.

“That’s them, over there” says our most experienced group gamer.   Me, I forget the enemy’s players, cars, and all that stuff – even if I can correctly pick them out, out of the fog of paranoia in the game.    Not my teammates though – they knew EVERYONE.    And it was the crew I was expecting, the Bad Man along with other familiar agent names.    Once I got close, I knew three of them by sight.

The etiquette was pretty obvious actually.    We all stayed in a group – unless and until someone need to peel off for some reason.   We didn’t really mix with the ENL, they stayed in their group and we stayed in ours.    ( I did shake hands finally with one agent I’ve been chasing around for the last year.)   Nobody blocked anybody in or did anything out-of-bounds.   I even boldly walked through their group when the need arose – “Pardon Me !”.

A rolling crew is something I’m almost never a part of.    It’s a very different game that way – you’re part of a team, and what you do helps or hurts the rest of the players.   So it’s a chaotic group decision with each portal.   Blow it up ?   Glyph it first ?   Who caps the portal ?   And importantly, put down the right resonators so it can be hacked or glyphed after capture.

The ideal is a rolling 8, and would go something like this.

  1. Blow off the ENL’s stuff.
  2. Any agent needing a unique captures the portal with a L8.
  3. Remaining agents drop an L8.
  4. Desired mods are placed on the portal.
  5. Links to three minimum other nearby portals are established.

As we made our way down the street and knocked everything down – and rebuilt and linked up the portals – the ENL recaptured and knocked down the portals we had.   The gang war was in full swing.    We concentrated on killing anything long standing and with good defenses, and looped our way through the area.   The ENL did their own thing, which included knocking our stuff down and trying to (game wise) irritate us.

After an hour and half of that though …….. we won !   They all left for greener pastures, while we fielded the street and glyphed for gear.   We didn’t build it up since the combat took so long (so that’s the ENL’s victory) but we did deny it to them for the evening.   I was satisfied.

Changed hands a couple of times Saturday morning, though.    Fine by me !

Changed hands a couple of times Saturday morning, though. Fine by me !

It’s time to make this more of a habit.    Gotta save humanity, after all.    And I have a great group of teammates actually.   It was fun.