He drove up behind me as I was pulling out onto the road again.     He stuck his head and arm out the window and pointed straight at me,  a 30ish white man in a 20-year old pickup truck.

“You’re a Gangstalker!”

“No I’m not !”

“Yes, you are.”

“I don’t even know what that means.”

“When you get home, look it up”

I had to move since I was blocking traffic, so I did.    But this unsettled me.   What is this guy trying to tell me ?    It sounds a bit scary, with that word GANG in there, and me doing the sketchy pull-over-by-the-side-of-the road maneuver.

Turns out that Gang Stalking is an organized attempt at harassing an individual to the point of mental breakdown.    Sounds like something a paranoid-schizophrenic mind comes up with.   The GOVERNMENT is out to get me, and have me committed !   This guy thinks I’m the one, who’s harassing HIM.    So I needn’t worry.   That dude is probably nuts.   And I’ve never seen him before.   If I see him again it’s time to bug out.

Still, it’s a reminder that the streets aren’t safe.   As a certified computer nerd I have tried to stay indoors most of my life, where it’s safe.    And the spot where I pull over is pretty weird.

Across the road from a movie studio dirt parking lot is the Roadside Cross Memorial, supposedly the site of a bus crash.    This portal figures into a lot of my Ingressing.   It’s an important spot frequently fought over.    So I have seen A LOT of this area over the course of the last year.    I see people here a lot.

CHP officers that have pulled people over.    Guys looking at their cars that have mechanical problems.   Studio people not parking in the lot, for whatever reason.  Dudes doing the same thing as me, pulling over and whipping out their phones.   Hikers/bikers/campers pulled over for recreational reasons.    And other people I don’t know the reason they’ve pulled over.

They’re the ones that worry me, as I play the paranoid game of Ingress.   Are they agents ?   The least of my worries.   Are they drug dealers ?    Property fences ?   I doubt it, but I also realize I’d probably never know if they were.    The LAST thing I want to do is interrupt a drug deal again.    Once was enough, and was dangerous enough.

It makes me wonder about all the agents who play from 11 pm to the wee hours.   Stay safe out there guys.