I finally got around to it – My pal and I (Name Redacted!) went out Ingressing together.

Canyon Country was mostly smoking ruins from players riding around and killing portals, so I picked a route and had us start traveling through town, picking up grey portals and killing the odd one as we went.    My buddy was funny – he asked all the stupid noob questions I had once asked.   Despite having installed the app a month ago, he hadn’t done anything with it.

After we got his feet wet and leveled him up to Level 3, we headed to the cluster of portals by the local movie theater.    I did the heavy blasting, but we had him firing L3 bursters and taking out some links and fields.   After we fielded up the place a bit, we stopped at one of the restaurants.


PSA : Do not buy 22 ounce beers on an empty stomach and expect to continue Ingressing.   After we talked a ton of shit I took him home; and made one last field before giving up for the night.

His fields lived until Monday – about 36 hours or so – before a green agent decided to wreck most of them.   I got a surprise set of texts from him, asking about all the emails that got sent and the notifications from his phone.    I’ll have to tell him how to turn them off.

But I think I baited the hook correctly – we’re planning on trying this again after he comes back from his trip this week.

It’s a good thing too.   Sunday evening, The Bad Man was active and managed to field the northern LA mountains along with the SCV.    The town is nearly all green, and the blue fields that get created seem to stay up more because of….. exhaustion ?   on the part of the toads.    Downtown Newhall is Green L8’s all the time.    I am absolutely fighting the rearguard action here, scoring fields and disrupting the greens only – and not always successfully.

Those two links still up clearly show the field that was made.

Those two links still up clearly show the field that was made.

But that’s OK.   I get to imagine that the Resistance is fading in the area, as more and more of humanity is sucked into the Shapers plan.   It’s that moment in every movie of the low point, just before the Hero saves the day…….