The Vikings : War of Clans continues, but it’s a different ballgame now.    I think I’m past the Mega Drama, but who knows.

My clan, the United With Honor, went ahead and merged with another clan named Assassin’s Hellgate.    I like almost everyone in the clan, but the clan leader instantly gets on my nerves; I’m sure the feeling is mutual.   That’s OK – you never like EVERYONE in a clan/guild/group, you just have to find a way to play together.

The problem being, in my new clan, troop losses are frowned upon.    VERY frowned upon.    So frowned upon that I was reminded several times not to lose troops, and eventually told in no uncertain terms that if I lost a single additional soldier, I would have “action taken” against me, which is some kind of progressive discipline leading to getting kicked from the clan.

I wised up.    I got my troops out of harms way.

The problem being, I like having a fast army.    The Tier 1 troops are hands down your fastest troops; all levels of scouts are relatively fast too.   The Tier 5 troops include some exceptionally slow ones.    I am currently stuck with a bunch of Tier 5’s – they are basically worse than useless.   They are very slow, and I can’t build them, so all they do is drag the rest of the army down.

And I can’t get them killed to get rid of them, because “Don’t lose a single troop”.   You have no way to disband your soldiers either.

Neither can I farm resources – either dead towns, or tiles.    Each carries the risk of getting hit, and getting hit means losses.   The game is 100% offense, and with rare exceptions, if you can attack another player, you always win.    So since failure is not an option, I don’t farm anymore.    I feel useless to the clan that way, but nobody else seems to share that opinion.    Well, it is what it is.

So to get past all of that, I have abandoned actively playing the game.    The point, which I had to remind myself, is to level up your town and research.   I can do this by hiding all my troops under another players shield, and sending resources to the clan bank.    The more I send, the more I can request back.    I can’t farm resources, but so far, every request for stuff has been met.

And Level 21 town has been achieved; I am a few days away from being able to research my first Tier 4 troop, the scouts; so it’s fun to keep this thing moving, even if I’m playing much less.