In some ways Ingress is a funny game.   It’s very rewarding to play, quite literally, one action a day – take a portal, blow one up, throw a field, throw a blocking link.    And because one action is fun, two would be more fun right ??????   So the game pushes you to spend more and more time in it.

Recently I am trying more to moderate the amount of time that I’m spending playing the game.    It’s a team game.    I don’t have to do it all myself, I can’t anyway, and the more that I play in Burbank the more my nemesis does, so I’m not exactly accomplishing that much.    Core Ingress concept – maximize your team’s actions while minimizing the other team’s actions.

So I drive past portals now, rather than take them, link them up, etc.    I try to kill key portals, or just do things when I have spare time rather than take up time I could spend for other purposes.

I have a new enemy player with a daytime job in Downtown Burbank.    I haven’t tried to say hi yet; I probably should.    We knock each other’s stuff down, and between the two of us and all the travelers on both sides, Downtown stays unfielded most of the time.

I’ve been playing a fair amount in the SCV, which is where I get my fielding points anyway, and enjoying either creating 3k point fields when possible, or wrecking the greens farm in Newhall.

37 million AP – getting close to 16 – and almost platinum with trekker at 2,389 of 2,500 kilometers walked.