Vikings 101 : You have five resources that are critical to advancement.

  • Food
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Stone
  • Silver

You also have a building in your town called a Vault, which will protect your resources in case of attack – your troops are not so lucky.   The Vault does not protect any silver though.

The game is heavily stacked towards pay-to-win.   Check out the statistics on any attack happening on my town from a typical high-“level” player :

A massive quality boost in just about everything.

A massive quality boost in just about everything.

To overcome that you would need massive numbers of troops, and guess who has the advantage in building troops ?

Given the following :

  1. Most building and knowledge upgrades cost much more than your vault can hold; especially silver, since it is not protected.
  2. The game features clans of players, and peace shields that grant your town 100% immunity from attack.
  3. You cannot defend your town if you are a low “level” player.

The way to advance in the game is to acquire resources, by either attacking other players (preferably, inactive ones, they don’t fight back), waiting for your town to generate resources, or by farming the tiled resources that appear around your town.   But since you don’t want other (high level) players to take yours from you, you instead send them to a clan member who acts as a bank.

The bank player has a shield up at all times; he can’t be attacked.   You send him your resources, and when enough are available they send them back to you so you can kick off a building upgrade.   Did I mention that building upgrades take some time ?    The current times to upgrade most of my buildings range from 24 hours to 10 days.   I have a knowledge upgrade unlocked that would take 40 weeks to complete.   Not to worry though; you can boost items with time boosts, available at random intervals or as usual you can buy them.

The game works well if you have a group of clanmates who intelligently share their resources with one another.   You want to avoid too much movement; as you’d expect, each time you send resources some of them disappear.    But you need to help each other out.    You can also send your troops to a clanmate, leaving an enemy with a town empty of troops and resources to attack; in other words, there is no damage.

The give and take of getting resources; then sending them to the bank; then actually getting them back from your clanmate; and kicking off the upgrade process; is actually pretty fun.

Just watch your wallet.