The DCL (Dynamic Combat Level) update has gone live for Marvel Heroes, among other changes.

The new "Avengers Tower"

The new “Avengers Tower”

The new layout and overhaul of Avengers Tower is nice.   The hub characters are in logical places, it’s more compact, and the dumb stuff (A huge room for terminals that no one uses anymore, etc) is all gone.   I like it.

The new Story Mode leveling plan is supposedly broken and will be patched tomorrow morning – Instead of making the story mode XP be less, they seem to have made it way too high.   There are reports of players reaching 1 – 60 in a few hours.   I reset Colossus to green prestige, but my heart just isn’t in it for racing from 1 – 60.

The actual DCL however, is underwhelming.    This is due to the changes made to the Cosmic Trial – or not made.

One of the biggest changes is the Blessing of Hela – the only blessing anyone ever used – is now nerfed hard.   It made things “too easy”, which I can sympathize with, but yet this was one of the two key ingredients making surviving the Cosmic Trial possible.   And the Cosmic Trial has kept me in the game all this time.   Until now.

I tried out the Trial on Cable, the hero I was trying to pass it with next, and immediately got flattened.  Not by the bosses – by the “trash mobs”, the first waves that you fight.   I then tried on all my heroes that already passed it, with the same result.   So somehow, the mobs in the Trial are tougher (probably because of DCL), your character is weaker offensively, and the trial is now laughably hard and completely out of reach.   I doubt anyone could pass it now, even with 10,000 omega points.

I suppose I will want to try and rejigger my Omega points into survivability and retry, but the thought of grinding up somewhere near 10,000 just bores me.   It “feels” like that is the level that will be necessary to have a chance to pass it.   That really sucks.

This could, quite literally, be the end of Marvel Heroes for me.   It’s been a fun run, but I am not excited about playing the other aspects of the game.   I don’t believe I’ve ever quit a game because of mechanics changes before.   Here’s hoping they tone down the difficulty of the Trial.