Sunday, 7/17

I make a bunch of fields.   The usual stuff.    And I get communication about “Can you NOT make those links please ?” which of course tells me that someone is planning a field.    I ask to be invited in, but they take a while to do it, and I hit the sack.

Monday, 7/18

I wake up to an invite and a request for help clearing the blockers.    It’s a good field – covering Los Angeles and San Diego.   The organization level is staggering; these people know what they’re doing.

Plans are discussed, agents are recruited, portals are assigned.  The plan is for the field to go up Saturday night.   Rats.   I am leaving for Summer vacation on Saturday Morning, pulling the trailer up to Yosemite.    But I can help set the table, so to speak.

Tue – Thur

I help clear blockers for the next couple of days.    This is mostly the usual stuff – I have a set of portals I always take, and the ENL and RES trade them back and forth.    I can make a lot of 2-3k fields with them as well as protect against a SCV-covering field with them, so this can’t look suspicious to anyone paying attention.   But we’ve apparently also got a gift – The Bad Man appears to be in Hawaii.   He can’t screw this up for us, sorta like the RES and I screwed up some similar field the ENL were trying to throw.

This is the first major field I’m aware of during Pokemon-time.   It will be interesting to see if it’s easier or harder, because the agents in the game are shifting due to Pokemon.   Recruiting the newbs, and seeing experienced agents leaving; it’s not clear which is more dominant at the moment.

I also throw my longest link ever, 106 km, as a rail for the operation.    How I have been itching to use these long-distance keys that I’m holding.     The way is always blocked, but Tuesday I see an opening and fire off the long link.

Friday, 7/22

Getting ready for Yosemite.    The rail goes down – someone rumored to be from Ventura comes out to kill it.   I can’t get out and rethrow.    I tell the team, good luck.

Monday, 8/1

I return from the land of sketchy internet and find out that they got the northern link thrown, but the field didn’t go up for whatever reason.

The Northern Link went !

The Northern Link went !

The subsidiary fields over the Pacific Ocean also got thrown successfully.

Nice, large fish field.

Nice, large fish field.

Maybe I’m going to have to plan another field sometime, or get involved in the next one that someone does – it’s sure a lot of fun !