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I find myself slowing down with Ingress.   Having a lot to do at the office is the main culprit, but I’m also getting tired of driving around to random spots (and the EXACT SAME random spots) for the game.   Still, I plan to never go below “Take one action a day, that helps the team.”

  • 34,060,000 AP.   That’s 1.7 million for the month, probably mostly early in the month.
  • 2,243 walking kilometers (IE, 1,394 miles), closing in on 2,500 for onyx.
  • 30,000 hacks achieved (Gold Hacker).
  • 1,795,000 MU scored.   That’s 51k for the month.   Still crawling along

I need to find time to get together with my buddy – now he’s got a smartphone and is ready for me to teach him Ingress.   It would be fun to play with someone else.    But of course, it’s summer, there’s no time for anything so far.

AdVenture Capitalist

I am at the 4,500 newspapers mark on Earth.   This is where the “guys on the internet” say that it slows down.   Seems accurate to me.    I should be ready for a reset soon, but in the meantime, all I’m doing is waiting a week to check on the game.   That’s not much fun.

Marvel Heroes

The promised DCL is not here quite yet, but the anniversary event continues until Midnight on the July 4th holiday.    This awesome event allows you to collect cake slices to make a cake – 365 needed – which then has a legendary item inside.  I’ve collected quite a few.

My current activity is maxing out the Legendary items my heroes have – 20 so far.   I’ve unlocked Deadpool but not levelled him to 60 yet, and I have 28 heroes unlocked.   I am sitting on a ton of game currency – 1,500 splinters, tons of the various currencies like worldstones.

The Danger Room is some of the best content in the game.   It’s hard if you pick a high enough level scenario (Blue or Above), and doable with the White or Green ones.   I am playing as many of these as possible mostly for the Merits you can earn.    I think, to pass Hawkeye on the Cosmic Trial, I’ll need many more ultimate upgrades than the simple two that he has.    I need 7,500 for my first purchase, and have 2,300 so far.

June has been absolutely fantastic in the game.   I wonder if I will continue to enjoy it so much without all the bonuses.   Still, who am I kidding – there’s always a bonus event going on in the game.    And importantly, I’m avoiding spending money because all the content I want to consume is not premium.   I’ve spent a bunch already and it’s paying off.