After you remove the stupid combat from the mix…… the Vikings : War of Clans game starts to get interesting.

As usual with all games, first you have to figure out how it all works.   Most of the game elements are things you’ve seen before, but the key to understanding the game is to stay out of combat.    It seems like it’s all about combat, but I am finding I could care less for a few obvious reasons.

Everyone you want to attack has a peace shield up.   OK.   You can’t penetrate that.   For you to put one up, realistically, requires spending money and I’m not going to do that.    After spending forever building troops, you will find your troops smashed flat by the big wallet warriors of the game no matter what you do.    So first, get over the idea of combat.

Got beat up by the Big Man On Server

Got beat up by the Big Man On Server

Notice the numbers there.   I killed 19 of his troops defensively; no idea how many he has.    He killed 1,500 of mine.    I am guessing 10,000 of each Tier 4 troops, plus many bonuses, used to wipe me out.

No combat does not mean not to build troops.   Your troops get you resources, which are required to progress the knowledge and buildings in the game, and which you use to help your clanmates progress as well.    The best troops to build are the Tier 1 guys because they can be built fast, they move fast, and per point of food upkeep have the most capacity hands down.

The endgame starts happening after progressing pretty far in Building.

  1. Build a level 21 palace.   (Ready to upgrade to 19, once RSS are acquired)
  2. Build level 21 Oracle.   (Research building)
  3. Research Tier 4 troops.

The Tier 4 troops are required to have any chance at the combat.   Not only that, but pretty much maxxing out all the various upgrades, weapons, etc plus bonuses.    Perhaps it would work with enough Tier 1 troops too, but you probably need Level 21 in your town to support enough to make it work.

So I’m doing that.   Working towards upgrading all buildings in the town to 18, then planning to upgrade the palace.   And it’s a lot of fun, actually, because I am hunting the inactives and defenseless myself for their resources.

He won't mind. He quit playing.

He won’t mind. He quit playing.

Every town was built differently, before the guy/gal playing quit.   Some have good resources, and some have lousy ones.   Some produce fast, and some slowly.   Some are far away from you, and some are close.   And some were raided by your competitors and are thus empty.   This is where the fun comes in for me, knowing how to get RSS from the inactives.   And then you apply the formula.

  1. Get the RSS.   Produce it or raid it from inactives.
  2. Build a building/do knowledge upgrade.
  3. Dump your RSS to clanmates.
  4. Hide your troops.
  5. Get smashed by the enemy.

That’s the ideal setup – when they come, you don’t let them get anything.   It doesn’t always work out that way, but it was pretty close in the first screenshot posted.    Even better, is to just get enough RSS to do the next upgrade, then you rush the previously built one.   In this way, you have too many RSS for the minimum amount of time.

The tension in the game is you can’t build anything without a lot of RSS; but with a lot of RSS you are vulnerable to attack.   I could care less if my troops die, but losing the RSS, now that’s a real setback.

So progress onwards.   Endgame might come at some point, we’ll see if I can get the final upgrades built.   The amount of RSS just gets larger and larger, and harder and harder to acquire.   Should be interesting.