I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with my boy helping me out in my single-player world in Minecraft, so we talked about it – Should we buy a Realms world once again ?    He thought carefully and said that it sounded like a good idea.

We’ll see if I can keep his interest for a month, but it’s worth a try.

So I purchased a Realms subscription ($8 a month is not bad, really) and immediately found out that it had changed since last year when I had the subscription.

Now, you can have ?three? worlds saved/set up and have one world active at any one time.   There are apparently a million minigames set up, which I don’t really have any interest in.    So I decided to create a survival shared world with the rest of the real-world crew of friends, kids, friends-kids that played last year.   Assuming they still have any interest.   My interest waned quickly, because creative mode is not really my style.   My son claimed he wanted to play Minecraft, but quit quickly.   All the friends loved it, naturally, and built a lot of neat structures.

So I can create more worlds if Survival doesn’t work out too well.

“Gee Son, what should we name the new world ?   We need a seed”

And thus, the beautiful world of NuclearFart was born.    This is a customized world with Iron generation increased a lot, along with a very small uptick in Diamond creation.

This doesn't look hospitable....

This doesn’t look hospitable….

After spawning in a desert, I ran over to the nearby desert village(Wheat !) and then chased after the first trees I could see.    We found some sheep there and managed to kill three of them for some wool.    But this left us out of time, and it became dark real quick.

So my son dug a hole, we jumped in, and we mined through the night cycle.    He found a buried canyon and started exploring, while I just ran up and down the stairs to make sure no skeletons would spawn.

Soon enough it was daytime, and we killed more sheep to have two beds available.   Now, if nighttime hits, we can just plop down beds to sleep through the cycle.

Sheep hiding from us back in the grass

Sheep hiding from us back in the grass

Time to make a base of operations, create some chests, and find something to do otherwise.   Then I’ll let the friends know the Realm is open again.    It remains to be seen if they’ll actually want to play a survival game.