Well, thank goodness I passed the Cosmic trial at least once.

The Marvel Heroes devs have announced a new feature designed to solve multiple problems with the game, including the one that hits me the most – “The game is facerolling easy, and trial is too hard !”

Simply put, Dynamic Combat Level scales the difficulty of the game, based on the difference between your level and the enemy’s level. If you are a level 30 hero fighting a level 15 enemy, you’ll be dealing and taking similar damage as if you were level 15.

At the end of June, it should no longer be an irritating thing to do, to level a character through the story mode.   It should be more what you’d expect – a fun thing and a challenge to reach level 60.   Well, we’ll see, features announced are not always what you receive.

And by September-ish, they plan on introducing a Global Difficulty Setting.   With this, there’s very little reason to continue to have “Cosmic” levels, so I expect they will want to remove the Cosmic Trial.

This means, if you want the game to be harder and be more rewarded for that, you can make that choice. There will no longer be a concept of “Red Terminals” and “Cosmic Midtown” and “Red Muspelheim”, everything will be baked into the difficulty slider. As a global feature, we no longer have to make these individual regions – the entire game, simultaneously, will have a “Red” and “Cosmic” version, though we’ll likely be changing the names a bit.

Having a goal of passing the trial has been a feature of the game for me……. for forever.   Months.    I’m not entirely sure what I want to do in game anymore.

I messed around a lot and tried to pass the trial with Black Widow and Colossus, without doing much setup (Fail!), and with new artifacts for both of them (Fail!).   I tried very seriously with Hawkeye, making every adjustment I could manage, and still was unable to kill Madame Hydra.   Not quite enough offense.    The demise of Cosmic Trial is not something I’ll mourn…….. but it feels very strange to see the writing on the wall for it’s death.

Losing the goal of beating the trial on all my characters is a strange feeling indeed.   I’m relieved – it’s too hard.   I’m at a loss – what do I do now ?

For the moment, I’m maxing out the legendary items my characters have – lots of pots of gold, and real legendaries too.    I used my free hero ticket on Deadpool – seems fun, but I have so many heroes it starts to mean less and less.   Collecting the legendary weapons for future assignment to characters as well via the Cake explosions.   And I’ve played a few Danger Room rounds for the first time in quite a while.

I did get a really interesting result here :

Hey.... what is that.... ?

Hey…. what is that…. ?

I ran a Cosmic Shocker terminal, and got the rarest of all drops : A new costume.   For Rocket, while I was playing Rocket.   Very cool thing to have happen.

So will I be simply seeking achievements, and grinding Danger Room and currencies from now on ?   Time will tell.   Maybe, of all things, I’ll find myself bored with the whole thing like so many games in the past.   But I’ll stay hopeful, I think they’re trying to do things right.