After getting the heads up that version 1.10 was out for Minecraft, I dusted the cobwebs off of my install and took a look at the game again.

But this time, I paid attention to TAGN’s post with the beautiful maps created.    These are created by MCMAP, a little program that generates nice image files which are actual maps for the game.    The last time I looked at this program, it was command line only.   Despite being a child of the ’80s when the command line WAS ACTUALLY COOL, I let this scare me off from trying it.    Never fear – it’s been updated to have a GUI, and I’m glad I gave it a try.   It’s a piece of cake to use.

The Mysterio World

The Mysterio World

The center of the map clearly shows my little base, and the roads/bridges that I built throughout the ocean as I explored.    This map, generated deliberately without trying the external mapping tools like AMIDST, features Dark Forest, Desert/Beach, Grasslands, and Swamp.    And lots of Ocean.

In my last Minecraft post I used the game as a way to connect with my son, and this session was no different.   We looked around for a bit, and then were surprised to see an Ocean Monument nearby.

Yup, there it is.

Yup, there it is.

So my new mammoth project – which I may or may not bother finishing, in true Minecraft spirit – is to fill in the monument with sand or whatever materials come to hand, and dig it back out again for mining / exploring.    I understand this kills the sea creatures that guard the area very effectively.

It takes a long time to gather enough sand to fill your inventory, and I got started eventually, filling in a fair amount with a first full load.

The first piece

The first piece

I realized, part of the way in, that I should probably excavate this piece by piece instead of trying to surround the whole temple.    That way, my sand used for this piece can also be used to fill in the next area.

I am constantly bombarded by the Guardian’s attacks.   They don’t care if you’re standing on land/sand, or in the water, if they’re in range they attack.   Mining fatigue is irritating and is the major determinant of strategy – gather sand.   Dump.    Then dig out more sand.   Five minute chunks without being able to mine materials makes anything else impossible.

Eventually, we really got things moving.

This is the 5th full load of sand.   For me, anyway.

This is the 5th full load of sand. For me, anyway.

I started digging down but got discouraged at the Mining Fatigue attack.    Quick googling reveals the idea of using milk, but I probably need to pen up some cows first for milk.    In any event, it will happen eventually.

That's a start.   Maybe 10 blocks down.

That’s a start. Maybe 10 blocks down.