As I played through Marvel Heroes, moving forward on Achievements, Legendaries, Cakes, and earning Omegas, a funny thing happened.   I finally got to 4,000 points.

Well, OK.   Close enough.

Well, OK. Close enough.

So I relogged onto Captain America and redistributed Omegas.    Spin Tech; Melt Face; Warpath; 1 Pt Sabertooth, 9 pts Frenzy, and 1 pt Dazzler.   Then, it was time to make the attempt.

  • Try #1.   I forgot how to play the Cosmic Trial and died in 30 seconds.
  • Try #2.   Easily took out Madame Hydra but barely got to Red Skull.
  • Try #3 – 7.    Ran out of time to kill Red Skull.

Perhaps the Omega selection is the problem.   I couldn’t really see where Dazzler was making any impact on the fight.   Let’s remove it; get another Sabertooth point; and put points into my favorite cheap damage booster, Extremis Electricity.   I also realized that if I was taking out Madame Hydra every time, she’s probably not the one to use the Ultimate Power on, so instead I’d wait til Red Skull.

A better use of 50 points.

A better use of 50 points.

Try #8 resulted in a good hit with the Ultimate Power, and Red Skull with 20% left of his health.   Pretty close.

Try #9 was looking pretty poor.   The Ultimate Power fired at the exact instant that Red Skull threw his shield up, but I did manage to keep a lot of the power onto his Robot Guardian.    I was sure it was done……. but to my surprise, with less than 10 seconds remaining, Red Skull went down !    Cap has now passed the Cosmic Trial.

Yep.   There it is again.

Yep. There it is again.

Next big decision is who to try for next.   My instinct is Invisible Woman, or Hawkeye – it’s an important decision because Blessing of Hela is very expensive, to say nothing of acquiring the right artifacts.    For now, though, I’ll think about it.   Got a suggestion for me ?   Comment !