Now, I have the following serious gaming on the phone :

  • Ingress (Worldwide struggle !)
  • A secret game by the same people (Secret !)
  • Vikings ! (Eh, I like building things)
  • Adventure Capitalist ( I LOVE MONEY !)

These things tend to keep me very busy at the office.   So, there’s less blogging time.

At home, I have two games going, everything else has been abandoned.

  • Marvel Heroes (MOAR Level 60 alts please !)
  • Adventure Capitalist (Double the MONEY !)

Given the anniversary special, I am trying to play as much of that as possible.   Not to be outdone, the AdCap people make their own specials and have one running for the next week.   Gotta earn Megabucks to speed up the Earth !   So, there isn’t much time for blogging at home.

Add to all this that there’s TOO MUCH WORK right now – typically the case during summer – and I’m not going to be writing much.   But it’s not just that.   I used to write at work, and I think the effort of blogging has been very beneficial on my skills in business writing.    Now….. when I have a break I take a walk, instead.   Or futz with the latest Vikings building.

So who knows how long I’ll continue to write this blog.   Gotta have content, or what are you doing ?    Gotta have interest versus the other priorities in life, or who cares ?    And documenting the virtual world has changed immensely over the past 12 years or so anyway – a big reason I started doing this in the first place.   Much fewer people actually care; plus there are SO MANY GAMES in 2016.

I suppose I’ll see.