The Marvel Heroes 3rd Anniversary event is pretty awesome.

The Dev team decided to reward the players with a full month of “all their specials”, IE, Odin’s Chests, Midtown Madness, Limbo, and probably other things I’m missing.   Server side XP boosts as well.   Then there’s the cake.

You get a full cake just for logging in once – this guarantees you a Legendary weapon, among other items when you burst it open.   You can take cake slices, and assemble 365 of them into various rewards.   So far, I have a free hero ticket (Unused), an extra stash page, and will probably buy cakes with the remaining slices in the hopes of getting more Legendaries.

I’ve played a lot of Midtown Madness, but also run characters through the story.   And I do mean, RUN.    You only have to do very few pieces of it with enough XP boost in order to get to 60, with all the bonuses you can get (The +X Spirit and Health, power points, etc).   This can be done in a few hours time.

Not sure which hero to unlock next.   Candidates include :

  • Winter Soldier – I love Cap, this is his buddy.   He’s supposedly just sick when doing the Cosmic trial too.
  • War Machine – Already have 2 Lvl 60 uniques for him.   I hear he’s pretty good.
  • Squirrel Girl – Gotta use that Aviator costume.
  • She Hulk – Has to be better than Hulk.   Right ?   The fact that all the powers are lawyer things is a bit of a turnoff.
  • Silver Surfer – He’s supposed to be cool.

Also sitting on 800 splinters – More hero unlocks I guess, although I could also get more teamups, except with so many teamups already why get more ?    Now have 3,935 Omegas so I’m getting close to trying the trial again.   Go Cap Go.

Recently leveled includes Rocket Raccoon and Iron Fist.    Rocket is a great character.   Iron Fist was pretty sucky through most of the leveling process, but I think I’ve got him down now.   And currently, I’m doing the usual building up of currencies, getting good uniques, and waiting for the Omegas to hit 4,000 points.