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Time for a wrap up of May 2016 in gaming.   I think I’ll keep this one shorter.

Ingress :

  • 32,360,000 AP.    About 3.5 million in a month, once again.    I don’t expect to earn that much for June, because work.
  • Gold Purifier reached (30,000 resonators destroyed).
  • 2,150 of 2,500 kilometers walked.   Almost an Onyx Trekker.
  • Just over halfway (5,867 of 10,000) to Platinum Mind Controller (Fields).   Nothing else is even halfway there.
  • 1,744,800 MU scored.    A mere 41k in a month.    That’s disappointing.   I wish I was able to field more.

AdVenture Capitalist :

Nobody cares but me 🙂 , but I’ve completed the Moon.   The remainder is to complete Earth on both Mobile and Desktop.   I need 21 and 22 Megabucks, respectively, to unlock the 7,777 times multiplier.

It seems like it’s still slow going.   A lot of people say before you can end the Earth game, the universe would die of a lack of heat, so it may never happen.   But I’m going to try.

Marvel Heroes :

Currently I have two prestiged heroes – Captain America (Blue Prestige, ie, 2x) and Hawkeye (Green Prestige, 1x).   22 heroes at level 60, and 4 more unlocked and working their way up.    9 Team-Up heroes unlocked.

I think the prestiging is as good a way as any to say which ones are your favorites, and I like both Cap and Hawkeye a lot.   I am leveling up Storm and have decided she sucks; but Iceman is being leveled and is a lot of fun as a Summoner.   Finally, someone who can summon for me, since I have built Doom instead as a magical force.

With over 600 eternity splinters, I am wondering if I want to unlock more team-ups or just sit on the splinters.   So far I’m just holding onto them – I have four more guys to level up, there’s no hurry.

The fun part of prestiging is doing it all again with a hero you like.  The benefit, however, is getting costumes and trying for a random good one.   Or just getting a costume via a couple of nearly impossible ways, or just for free because Gaz wants to be nice.   I have an awesome Scarlet Witch costume, and a stupid one for Hulk – seriously, what’s he doing with RAM HORNS ?

I have no desire to spend more money on the game given all of that; about 1800 “G” currencies in the bank; and all the stash space I think I can use.    I’ll feel pretty good about selling any uniques that won’t fit, especially given Hightown, and the ability to farm them quickly.

And the biggie – I’m close to another Cosmic Trial attempt.    3,850 Omega points, and my self imposed floor is 4,000.