I took a weekend trip to Sequoia National Forest.   When I got to the cabin, I was greeted with a disgusting (Ingress) sight :

The Porterville Field

The Porterville Field

Someone had used one of the few portals in Sequoia as an anchor for a many-layered field over Porterville and sections of the mountains, including my cabin.   But I noticed that as we planned to tour the park, we were heading straight to this portal.

So I managed to bring a four car caravan into the park, and bent all those people to my will, by figuring out what the portal was.   It’s a scenic overlook called Amphitheater Point, so I sold it as what a great spot to see the views from.

It really was an awesome view.

It really was an awesome view.

We stopped.   My phone came out.    And there was a certain amount of dodgy signal.   Could I manage to kill this huge field ?   It was not well protected, the portal was jammed with multihacks and heat sinks.   All I needed was a connection.

Ten minutes later, I had managed to hack the portal and that’s it.   Bursters would not fire, and with 20 people ready to leave I had to drive off and look at trees.   Oh, it just killed me.   If I’d sat at the portal long enough I am sure the gods of cellphone reception would have smiled upon me and given me signal long enough to kill the field.

Sometimes, all the defense you need is bad signal.   This is an unsuccessful failure.

The Resistance reigns at the moment in Santa Clarita, and the Enlightened own Burbank.

The tiny little Downtown Burbank area

The tiny little Downtown Burbank area.

This place is an amazing AP factory for me.   I’ll spend some time and completely field the area.   Some greenie comes in and knocks it all down.    I’ll refield it, and it’s killed again quickly.   So we’re battling for the area and in a certain sense win trading our way to higher AP totals.    The greens don’t field much here – just the lowbies, and of course I try to knock their fields down constantly.    I don’t really like doing that – I like fielding – but clearly plenty of my local ENL are destroyers of the first order.

There’s no MU at stake.   I’m in a battle for territory – just a few square blocks – and they just must like to watch the world burn.    But this is a successful failure – when it’s all said and done, it’s a lot of fun.

There’s been too much work over the past week, and I’ve not been able to keep it all fielded.   It’s nice to have so many keys for an area that you just recycle them when you need a little XM; and you always have the key you need to complete a field.    At least if I’m in meeting after meeting, I don’t have to see the area around me all greyed out, or half wrecked.

A few key fields were dropped, this is usually very blue.A

A few key fields were dropped, this is usually very blue.

I had a bit of a scare today.   I have a portal I protect because it’s right along my commute, and I was going to stop and recapture it.   I didn’t do that today.

What are all those cops doing ?

What are all those cops doing ?

I did stop long enough to check the local news.   Someone hit a pedestrian and killed them.   Yeah, I’m not going over there and interrupting truly awful situations to play a game.    Helps remind you that some things are more important.