Version 1.100 of Ingress is out, along with the serverside changes to remove the XM drought and change the zap rate.   Portals seem to be attacking you back, draining your XM, “Stinging”, much sharper than previously.

I’m also noticing that sometimes the portals do not sting back.   That’s kind of weird.   I’m used to the cycle :

  • 8 Resos on portal.   I fire.   Sting is 4%.
  • Still 8 Resos on portal.   I fire.  Sting is 4%.
  • Still 8 Resos on portal.   I fire.   No sting.
  • 7 resos left on portal.   Fire.   Sting is 4%.

It’s an interesting thing to see happening.

The ability should now be back for agents who are good at it to simply drive through an area firing massive amounts of bursters, and wipe everything out.   Sucking up the ambient XM in a portal dense area offsets the stinging of a dozen or more portals due to the shot. Or does it ?

Force Amps and Turrets are much deadlier than before, and shielding up and linking a portal is providing a nastier sting than previously.   I’ve attacked multiple portals with the modding of – Two shields; Force Amp; Turret.    And it hurts.    Turrets also stick as strongly as shields with update 1.100.

What I am seeing, instead of the expected offensive game, is a more defensive game.    Mod up your portals well and they resist attack quite well, making it more difficult for everybody.   The drive by bomber loses all of his XM and needs to pop cubes on the move.   The walking attacker (Me!) needs to do the same, or use the Shoot-once-and-recycle-a-key attack method.    And wait, always wait, that five seconds for the zap to dissipate.

So I’m pleased.   You might be more able to keep your area of interest, up and fielded even in the face of opposition.    But you’re definitely out of XM all the time.    I’m recycling a lot of gear just to provide power to shoot or deploy resonators.

Finally, I saw this in a hangout and had to post it.  Why it’s a JPG instead of text I don’t know, but it’s very wise.

Source unknown.

Source unknown.

I try to emulate the behaviour the author is describing.   Hopefully I’m succeeding, but you’ll have to decide for yourself, or ask someone I play the game with.