Hit a big Ingress milestone yesterday :

Thirty Million

Thirty Million

At some point I’ll be Level 16.    When ?   The math says about Sept 1, but that ignores the fact that I’ll be doing less during the summer.    A safer prediction is before November.    It also depends on enemy activity, as always.

I’ve staked out Downtown Burbank as my area to protect, and I am being savagely reminded that Burbank is an ENL town.    So, the main goal – keeping it all blue – is not happening.   The side effect is I’m earning AP like mad.   Compare : How much AP is there in keeping an area up and fielded, versus tearing down whatever the enemy puts up (From full fields to one-reso Liberator caps) and then refielding the area ?    It’s no contest.    Either way, you play the hand you’re dealt on a daily basis.

Burbank today, pockets of blue, but mostly green.

Burbank today, pockets of blue, but mostly green.

I got a chance to do Downtown Burbank late at night for once.   After 10 PM the place is pretty empty – the streets that I’m used to seeing crowded with people are empty, with the occasional car cruising through.   But I was tired, not really feeling it, and then I asked myself…….. is that the ENL I just saw on the scanner ?    Is that him, standing on the sidewalk out there ?  It was.    I met a greenie visiting out of Ohio, shot the breeze for awhile, very pleasant experience.

The number of times I’ve tried to spot another player is endless.   I know some cars that the ENL players drive – I still never see them.    Partly that’s my lousy memory, and partly the sea of humanity makes us invisible to each other.    Add to that the idea of actually trying to stay hidden – which I do, presumably every green does – and I’ve only seen a handful of players during the day.

The time I drop hacked and he walked past me and took my keys.   The time a guy looked for a reaction after attacking my desk portal, but I was standing behind him.   The time a visitor sat on one of our benches and we swapped portals for awhile, me safely hidden from view, until I smiled and waved.    It’s rare to see another player.

But that one guy on an empty street, phone in hand, in the general area of activity…… and the resonators appear under his feet ?   Yeah, that’s him.   It’s a different game at night I suppose, although I play very little at night.

Ingress at night brings out a lot of dangerous possibilities.   The scary stories I’ve seen shared on Reddit would make your hair stand on end being in the middle of, and the tamer ones involve confrontation with cops and security guards.    I thought, until yesterday, that I’d always prefer gaming during the day.   Now I’m a bit less sure.

Nighttime seems to be flash farm time – whether you are participating or disrupting one.  I’m going to have to participate for once in one of these gatherings.   I have a feeling it’ll be a lot like meeting that random ENL guy last night – a pleasant experience.