Over the weekend we took the camper back out to another SoCal campground and had some great family time.   As usual, even campgrounds have portals (6) so I went ahead and checked out the Ingress state of the area.

Pretty green area here !

Pretty green area here !

When we left the campsite I took advantage of every portal I ended up near, tried to throw blocks at every spot since the green is so strong (Threw none.   Too much green, too little time for me to play).   You always want to take advantage of every spot with uniques in it.    It’s fun to me that the game tracks how “Traveled” you are.

Menifee and Temecula are bedroom communities in Riverside county, and Temecula has quite the nice little “Old Town” area for tourists like us to wander around.   And we did wander it well.   It started out 100% green when I got there, but I was able to lay waste to the entire place, while licking a huge waffle cone full of ice cream.   One handed Ingress FTW.

Goodbye green, hello Burbank Blue.

Goodbye green, hello Burbank Blue.

I reached out to local agents, didn’t really hear back.  I don’t blame them – they don’t know me.   I was wondering if the area was always green held or what, but as of this writing, I don’t see any attack notifications so maybe not.

And we did the important things.   I got the camper set up and running.    Got my son fishing and we have fishing stories to tell.   My daughter circled the campground many times on her bike.   Grilled burgers, talked nonsense, and remembered why I love my family so much.

The amusing thing was, the best way to navigate the area was by Ingress.   Why use a printed map when you can follow this one, and hunt portals while you’re at it ?

Aha - there's the fountain !   And the good spot to fish....

Aha – there’s the fountain ! And the good spot to fish….