There were some important changes yesterday to the silly-and-completely-addicting money game “Adventure Capitalist”.

New Multipliers !

New Multipliers !

#1 – When you have the app open, you’re getting a x5 multiplier.    If you’re really determined, you can leave the game open for a long time and get a fair amount of extra money.   I don’t think I’m that determined but it’s nice to see.

#2 – After you make each of your investments on a planet (Permanently) platinum, you can also add this multiplier for the megabucks.    77.77 x is a pretty nice jump.    Next level is 777.77x.

And then, at 5 am this morning, it happened.   I got over the long mountain climb to reach 2,880 oxygen bars and suddenly things are advancing very quickly.    Of course, part of it was this 77.77 multiplier being added but it was nice to see it finally happen.

I have about 50 more unlocks on the Moon, and a ton of them on the Earth.   Now, however, the Earth is completable depending upon how fast you can accumulate megabucks, the in-game premium currency.

My next reset, to be processed after blogging, will involve 10,000x the number of angels previously held.   It could be the Moon will be finished post haste if that trend continues, similar to the Mars planet.    And then it’s just a matter of finishing up the Earth, and laughing all the way to the bank.    Holding 5 Novemtrigintillion dollars at the moment – go ahead, try and relate that to a real life number, you can’t.

Ah, the thought of having that much money…..