The grind continues in Marvel Heroes.   The goal of 4,000 omegas is getting closer – I have 3,500 after playing like a madman over the weekend.    Last night unlocked another milestone – Level 69 uniques for all five slots.  I suppose, at this rate, I may manage to unlock the 4,000th Omega sometime in June.   It took an incredible amount of time to get the Protector’s commendations needed for the final 69.

So let’s review.   Captain America.   I have good/decent artifacts.   Level 69 uniques with decent rolls, and all challenge bonuses of +1 Fighting.  Omega plan includes Warpath, Spintech, Melt Face, Frenzy, and Sabertooth.   That probably eats up 4,000 Omega points.   I might take other nanotech items that give bonuses to melee damage and cost a mere 1 point, up to 50.

It seems that the guys who do this “Easy” are full of baloney, or hyper-twitch people, that I get advice from on Social channel.   The Supergroup (read : Guild) I’m a part of says the trial is just really hard and requires tons of Omegas – something I’ve figured out is true for me at a minimum.

Literally, there isn’t much else I can do to prepare for the cosmic trial.    Only thing needed is to reroll my Hyde’s Formula artifact.   Focusing solely on getting Omega points is boring, so instead I’m working on achievements and the eternal accumulation of commendations – possibly necessary to get my second hero through the cosmic trial, someday.

This game is really well put together on the accumulation front – I’m always working on multiple items which is critical for the fun aspect, piling up the tons of the different currencies available, I want to buy things with them all – no crap currencies – and I don’t have enough hours in the day to play all the content I would like to.

The current sale is giving a 50% discount on hero purchases, and this was enough to convince me to buy four more heroes.    After the 15% sale on “G” currency, these guys are pretty inexpensive.    Oh, and I’m now about $80 in to this game.    There are a ton of people who self report $500, $1,000, and even higher figures spent on this game, to which I can only goggle in disbelief.

In the meantime, I have five heroes (Ghost Rider, a splinter purchase, recently acquired) to bring up to 60 and the desire to prestige Cap once again.   Having written all this out, it’s pretty obvious I should just go for it, and acquire not only a prestige level but another costume for the blender.    I’m saving splinters for the only hero I have a costume for but don’t own, pending a final decision.

Squirrel Girl.   I don’t know.   Do I really want to play Squirrel Girl ?