I have gotten tons of conflicting advice on the Cosmic Trial.

“You should be able to do it with a few hundred Omega points”

“I tell people don’t try until at 3000 Omega points”

So I realized it was time to be much more methodical about passing this trial.

Currently, when I try it with Captain America, my best performances are killing Elektra eventually, and reaching Red Skull.   The trial goes something like this :

Elektra Wave – Weak Hydras, followed by Power Brawlers, followed by Mechs, followed by Hulkbusters and finally Elektra and her bodyguard.

Elektra’s defeat moves you forward.    Every so many seconds, Elektra puts a shield on herself and you have to defeat the bodyguard to bring it down.

Red Skull Wave is similar, except instead of a bodyguard per se, he has some huge Sentinel that protects him.

So how to defeat this ?   Some information below.   I appreciate any opinions :

  • A roughly correct list of my character sheet.
  • Use the Ultimate power to defeat Red Skull.   You will not have the time to use it twice so save it for him.   Cap has it at level 8.
  • Failure is no longer from dying, but from running out of time.   This suggests I need better offense.
  • Omega powers help.    Maxed out, in order, Warpath, Spin Tech, Melt Face.   Future points into Frenzy, Sabertooth, and Dazzler, all on the Mutation tree.
  • The best possible gear that I can attain given my playstyle is a question too.   Pelt of the Sacred White Gorilla, and Fragment of Twilight, have not dropped for me.    I don’t own a Industy City Signet, I think I sold them.   All my uniques are “Cap Uniques”.
  • I own two “Best In Slot” artifacts (GOTK, AINP), one “Good Alternative”, and Hyde’s Formula which is BIS if it has good rolls.   Mine has absolutely awful rolls.    I need to reroll it.   Maybe I could buy the A.R.M.O.R. Supercharged Power Cell.
  • All artifacts equipped have a blessing of Hela, which helped immensely.
  • I probably should get a better costume core.   +1000 to defense is very helpful though, I’m sure.
  • Critical Hit Rating is 51.6%.
  • Critical Damage Rating is 271%.
  • Brutal Strike Rating is 49.7%.
  • Brutal Damage Rating is 471%.

Currently at 3300 omegas, planning to try again at 4000 which would permit either maxing Frenzy, or getting Dazzler and Sabertooth.