Getting more settled into the changed Ingress gameplay.


I’ve abandoned a few portals to die a death of decay, and instead of my usual “Oh My God !   It’s not at 100% charge.   Get out the cubes” I’ve been more strategically charging portals.    And with those adjustments, I’ve not run out of cubes.

You do need to break out the cubes now during your Ingress walk, if you’re resonating a portal or upgrading etc.   In fact, I’ve consciously stopped upgrading resonators that are at 100% charge.  Why waste all that perfectly good XM ?

Then I attacked the enemy farm yesterday.    With a nice hour available I figured I could probably burn half of it to the ground.    Boy was I wrong.   Without the portal XM available to let me wander the area and recharge after attacks, I had to rely either on cubes or recycling to keep going.  I was able to kill 7 portals and break up a small fraction of the farm area, given the time I had.   Not the result I wanted – I wanted to beat up the enemy gear farm, but I don’t play Ingress 24/7.    With enough time, everything still falls.

Portal dense areas attack pretty hard even for the first hit – I was getting some 15% attacks slurping up my precious XM.    No way was I going to quickly fire additional bursters – this used to work OK since the portal XM would keep you going if you drove through an area.

It’s clear that attackers are being highly disadvantaged now.   This sounded encouraging for me in Downtown Burbank – they’ll be slowed down and therefore do less Ingressing.    And what do you know, it appears to have worked.   Drive through attacks got defended against by recharging and left the area partly intact; then heavily damaged but not destroyed on the 2nd try; and after rebuilding, again damaged but not destroyed after the third pass.

There’s no doubt that determined ENL still take any portal they want – just like determined RES.   But it’s slowed down.    It’s not a defensive bonus, it’s more of an attacker penalty, which is close to the same thing.