Ingress :

  • 25,305,000 AP earned.   Level 15 and crawling towards 16.
  • 3 Onyx badges – Translator, Recharger, and Guardian.
  • 7,057 of 25,000 links for platinum.   Over 1,000 in just one month.
  • 4,466 fields of 10,000 for platinum.
  • 33,000 of 100,000 for platinum Builder.
  • 1,576,000 MU scored of 4 million for Onyx.   Barely crawling forward.
  • 5,735 of 20,000 for platinum Engineer.   1k in one month.
  • 25,100 of 30,000 for gold Purifier.   10% of what I needed in a month.
  • 4,789 of 5,000 for gold Liberator.   Maybe April will be the month.

I went on quite the rampage today, and got a good chunk of the SCV back to beautiful blue.

Didn't touch the big blocking link though.

Didn’t touch the big blocking link though.

Marvel Heroes

17 heroes at level 60.    For whatever reason I reset Hawkeye for green Prestige and am currently leveling him up.   Many relics have been earned and continue to be earned, thanks to the uniques you can earn via Hightown.   Every hero has a legendary, at least one of the Pots of Gold or better.   I have enough splinters for another hero right after Hawkeye.   It’s fun playing again.