The ebb and flow of Ingress has changed a fair amount in Santa Clarita.    Thanks to less blue activity, the disappearance of one L16 agent, the inactivity of some others, and a very energetic green agent moving to the SCV, the valley is almost completely green right now.

Slimed !

Slimed !

I am locked in a bitter battle for specific portals along the 14 freeway, which trade hands constantly, and are key to preventing the SCV from being fielded.    It was a blessing that this week, the kids are not at school; so Dad can get up and Ingress in the early morning hours of the day.    This certainly will not stop the trading of these key portals, however.   But it’s all good.

At Level 15 I find myself much more focused on the best thing I can do for the big picture.   It’s nice to make fields, but I’m mostly trying to decide what will enable the Resistance the best; or conversely (and honestly, most of the time) what will cause the most frustration to Enlightened plans.

That’s all different in Burbank however, where Blue rules the daytime, while often Green makes an appearance at night.    I’ve been pretty successful wiping out green in the Downtown area.

Mostly blue. The ENL put some of that green on the map while I was driving home, natch.

Mostly blue. The ENL put some of that green on the map while I was driving home, natch.

This tiny little area is portal dense but perhaps 2k MU when fully fielded.   I have fun patrolling my area.

One of the merchants knows me now, we always say hi to each other.   This dude is always on his phone outside of his hair salon.   I’m never sure if he’s talking to me, or to whoever is on the phone with him.   I’ve not explained what the hell I’m doing wandering around his business, other than exchanging a few words about people being on the phones all the time – Me Ingressing, and him voicing.

I’ve got the walking down much better.   I *never* backtrack anymore.    I do whatever it is that I’ve decided to do in a line, and walk forward, around blocks, but rarely do the stutter step of “Oh yeah, gotta link that” and jump backwards towards a portal.   Short walks, in the official “break time” that I get, help keep everything blue.

I traveled up to Silicon Valley again, hit some more uniques.  I now have an MUFG dedicated to reproducing “interesting” keys, we’ll see if any of them are ever useful for something like a multi-county field, long block, or who knows what.

In the meantime, from of all things a Reddit comment, I got some interesting information about Pokemon Go.   All to be taken with a grain of salt, since the guy might not know a damn thing, but he was pretty informative about the direction of the game.

  • Three teams, not two.    Sounds like a very bad idea to me – keeping three balanced teams just does not happen in traditional MMO’s, everyone flocks to one side.
  • Ingress Portals are probably living inside the Pokemon universe.   This could be temporary for the alpha/beta, or could be permanent.   Not sure how that would make sense, but we’ll see.
  • Guardian portals will be in areas of high traffic.   Not every portal will be eligible.   The idea being, that if you can hold a portal in an area like that for a long time, it’s a real achievement.    This sounds very positive after the constant cries of Guardian Hunting and my frustration at convincing no one *not to do it* .
  • No fielding and no linking.   Not a surprise, that’s not part of Pokemon.    This is also the reason Ingress might survive as a separate game – making triangles is fun as hell.
  • With less server load, there might be much more responsive game play.    The number of times I fire a burster and wait for a couple of seconds is way too high nowadays.

But in the meantime, still bursting.   Still fielding.   And lots of linking.