On Friday, the new Netflix series of Daredevil was premiered.    And Marvel Heroes started a promotion to coincide with it, including a revamp of the Daredevil hero, additional XP for all heroes, and even more additional XP for Daredevil.

This, naturally, meant that I played a lot of Daredevil.     And I saw many Omega points get accumulated.     I’ve managed over 3200 now and am looking forward to picking up 4000 as the next “Let’s try the Cosmic Trial again” point.

The Hand Ninja Leaderboard

The Hand Ninja Leaderboard

The more Hand Ninjas you kill, the more stuff you get.   This, plus the need to get uniques, sent me into Hightown where I accumulated more and more stuff.   And it finally happened for one type of relic (Snakeroot) – I got 1,000 of them and am ready to give them to another hero.

So far, all the relics have been going to the first heroes to use them, and now I’ve given them to another hero.    The same goes for Legendary weapons; except the Daredevil event has that covered too.

That's a lot of pots of gold

That’s a lot of pots of gold

This is kind of a “starter legendary”.   It gives a bunch of bonuses to finding items and XP, not to combat.

Not bad, but not going to help you kill things.

Not bad, but not going to help you kill things.

Every one of my characters has either a “Real” legendary weapon or one of these things now.    And two heroes I hope to unlock also have them.   And I still have seven of them sitting in the bank.   Too many Pots ‘O Gold.

This was a fantastic weekend even, good job on Gazillion for giving us a lot of fun.