Sometimes, you’re just in the right place at the right time.

Taxes.   Chores.    Bills, bills, bills.    And the family wanted to go to Passages and see what it was all about.   I wasn’t really interested and I had things to do.

The Passages museum, for a limited time in Santa Clarita. In a former hardware store.

The Passages museum, for a limited time in Santa Clarita. In a former hardware store.

I stayed home, with a promise to pick up my son when the three of them were done.    Then the girls would head out for “girl chores”.   I didn’t ask.

So I eventually got all my chores done, fired up Ingress, and realized that instead of their usual 3 AM fielding, the Bad Man and his cohorts were working on fielding the SCV at 3 PM on Sunday.

So I set out to block them.    I could go out and throw for a little bit, and when I needed to pick up my son, I’d just do that and head home.    But again, I was lucky.   Eventually I get a call from the wife that she’s keeping my son, so I’m free to Ingress.

Little did I know how intense this was going to get.    I avoided the spots where I thought the Bad Man etc were at, because this is generally polite and offers less confrontation.   But even after letting them know I knew what they were doing……. they kept trying !

I found myself criss-crossing the Canyon Country area madly throwing block after block, trying to stay one step ahead of them and keep them busy while teammates could throw blocks elsewhere.   And they chased me !    Each portal I took I knew someone was going to be heading towards it, and more often than not they killed each one as I blocked.

Blocking is certainly an art form – last time I tried, it was in a strange area and I was ineffective.   You need to have lots of portals available and keys to throw to them.    If you have no keys, you are at a huge disadvantage.    This time, I’m in my local area and I have keys to everything, so it was simply a matter of blocking smart.

Canyon Country after it's all over

Canyon Country after it’s all over.   I’m just guessing at where the link they wanted to throw is but it has to be something like that.

As each block I threw went down, I tried to throw another one.   To block, you need to have two portals and link them.   So it’s not effective to link to many portals from one, because all they have to do is blow up your one portal and all the links evaporate.   But with one link, every block they kill is only half of the portals.   And once the link goes down, you can link again to the survivor !

I got real lucky twice and threw just as another block went down.   That has to be demoralizing, and I took full advantage of that.   I took a couple of parks three times I believe and traded the Clock Tower thrice as well.    And then suddenly, they gave up.

I’m sure they’ll be back at it tonight, but that’s a problem for the night shift.   In the meantime, I’m sitting pretty having made nothing happen.

The sweetest part is the chance for payback.   A few months ago we had planned to overfield The Bad Man, I was running intel, with 5 or 6 other players in on it, and he just happened to show up at exactly the wrong time (right time for him) to ruin all our plans.   So payback is sweet, even if it’s not personal, it’s just nice to see karma run my way this time.

I also hit a big milestone !

I also hit a big milestone !

Level 15 means you are 60% through your Ingress journey.    24 million AP.   Need another 16 million to hit 16.   I am assuming I will never get there, but you never know.