The game has changed in Downtown Burbank.

My former mentor in Ingress now has a new job, leaving me and others who pass through the area as the Day Shift.    I’ve kept my promise to myself to focus on a small area – No more midday trips for a couple miles to throw 5k point fields – but the idea of keeping everything  Downtown fielded seems out of my reach.    The couple of times I’ve done so, it all ends up flattened overnight or worse, refielded green.   That’s how the game is played, so no worries.

Instead, I’m more working on keeping all green out of the area.    And trying to play the other minigame of Ingress which is inventory management.    Target inventory level is 1900 items, to leave enough room to hack as I move around the town.    Less is fine.    No matter how hard I try, I can’t bring myself to recycle too many resonators and thus I end up carrying a ton usually (over 40) for each level, with varying amounts of R8’s depending on how lucky I am – catching a Level 8 portal is impossible, and L7 are still rare.

In theory – you would want to recharge as much stuff as possible.    In practice, it’s becoming apparent this is a huge boring pain in the ass.    Not only that, you get a miserable 10 AP each recharge, and it takes forever to shuffle keys in and out of capsules.    I have to try and remember to maximize the use of my time.   So I am at the point where I’m thinking of recycling cubes when XM is full, and I don’t pay a lot of attention to the junk I accumulate (X4 and lower bursters etc).   No longer am I farming bursters for the Resistance, which is a shame.    The number of bursters I’ve passed out has been phenomenal.    Instead I need them all to keep purifying my adopted area.

The only thing that messes things up are the usual YOLO links that some blue players throw, and something new.    I’ve caught the Energizer Bunny of Burbank throwing blocking links through my downtown.   The nerve of the guy.

The green team has seen changes, but we have the Energizer Bunny, who is literally active miles in each direction 16 hours a day, the various “Hack” users who seem to work at the studios and eat lunch, etc, in Downtown occasionally; and a new user who wars with me over my desk portals each night.   Active only in the middle of the night and sometimes into the mornings, it seems they leave Burbank right when I’m arriving.   I’m reminded of Looney Tunes cartoons.

Originally produced in Burbank, I'm sure.

Originally produced in Burbank, I’m sure.

It’s like you chase each other constantly each night or day and smash up what you can; then clock out and let the next shift come in.

The blue night shift includes our Bulldog, along with various users who travel in to fill things up or just enjoy the evening.   I recharge while I can, but I’d rather spend my time at home, at home.    Unless I’m riding around the SCV that is.

Newest milestone is Onyx Badge #3 :

50k Translator points

50k Translator points