Master of Orion – the Wargaming Version – is now in Early Access on Steam for a cool $50.   Do I need to buy it ?    An incautious voice inside me says “Yes !”.

I did find a review of the early access product, which says in so many words that it might get better later.    I’m hoping the developers are taking early access to heart – getting feedback and continuing to work on the game.   If nothing else, they certainly have a strong backing with Wargaming so I’m hopeful that’s what is going on.

People in Early Access reviews are complaining about a lot of things.

  • Star Lanes.   You don’t simply fly from system to system, you have to travel along a defined path.   I’m not a fan of this idea.
  • Technology Research.   Every race has access to every technology.   There’s no randomizing or race specific techs at this time.   That’s annoying.
  • RTS combat sounds like a bad idea, but it all depends on exactly how they implement it.

For now, I’m holding onto my money, and watching what happens.