With Black Panther at 60 and no heroes any lower, I finally felt free to try other aspects of Marvel Heroes.

Each hero should have “good uniques” which they can upgrade to level 69 after the grindfest for high level recipes is finished.    So I set out to get each hero level 60 unique items.    That took a couple of days or so.    I didn’t want/need to collect credits and simply use a recipe to take that level 28 unique and make it 60 – the cost in credits is very high, and I’m still building up towards the cap.

Next, I headed into the Danger Room.    This is a well done addition to the game.    You can use a key for the instance created which is white, green, blue, red, or yellow.    Pick your difficulty based on these colors, along with the specifics noted on each key such as “hidden traps” or “damage amplification zones”.    And after playing through a few I found that green is the best difficulty for me.

An active scenario next to me.   The look of the Danger Room is very holo-deck-ish.

An active scenario next to me. The look of the Danger Room is very holo-deck-ish.

I tried a blue key and got stuck in an endless death cycle because the mini-boss was able to hit extremely hard.    Death after death, I chipped away at his health and eventually took him out.   It was not fun.   I don’t like dying one bit.

I bought one reward – Relics ! – before I realized it’s probably much easier to collect uniques in Hightown and trade them in, than it is to run danger room sessions.    So I have a vague plan to collect enough for ultimate power upgrades and/or a holo-Wolverine teamup.

Then the Omega revamp hit.   Suddenly, I find myself with over 3,000 Omega points and I’m able to fill up the +Fighting and +Boss Damage omega slots, with points to spare.   Will I be able to pass the test ?    When I tried, I failed it both times (Venom, and Cap).    So forget that, I think I’m going to have to give up on the Cosmic Trial until I have 5,000 omega points or something ridiculous like that.

Still sucking at this game if I can't beat it with that much buff.

Still sucking at this game if I can’t beat it with that much buff.

Getting 63 splinters in one drop the other night brought me much closer to 600, which is the threshold to unlock the next hero I’d like, Ghost Rider.    Can I resist the temptation and buy something else ?   Time will tell.   I’d like to do more prestiging and try out the costume blender, but that doesn’t seem to be happening either.   Ah well.