So.   No more obsessing about Ingress day and night.    While the War metaphor definitely applies to the game, any soldier needs his leave time and can’t constantly fight.

The new metaphor for the game I’ve been thinking about is Cops and Criminals.    If you are aware of law enforcement, you’ll note the truth of this statement :

  • There are cops.
  • There are criminals.
  • And there are civilians.

The idea being the cops are protecting the civilians from the criminals.

Ingress is a bit like that.    Strangely, the ENL and RES have the most in common.   Two factions of secret agents locked in an eternal war.  And then, there are the civilians that have no idea what we’re all doing.   Like the guy who stared at me like I had two heads when I did a herky-jerky bounce-step on the street while gathering keys and fielding between 4 super-close portals.   Part of the point of that metaphor being that the two sides of the game have more in common than with the civilians we’re “protecting/enslaving”.

For the moment I’m done with big plans.    Spoiling the ENL plans is fun too.   I’m done with Sojourner, as well, which is nice, I can ignore the game like I did most of the weekend.   Platinum is likely as high as I’m going to get, which is fine.   And the question is how many more of these badges I can earn :

That's Gold Engineer, 5,000 mods installed.

That’s Gold Engineer, 5,000 mods installed.

My annual Disneyland passport has expired, and at the new price of 1-Arm, 1-Leg, I have successfully argued that the family doesn’t get to buy a new one.    Too bad – Disney was an awesome place to play, even if I am simply bored with the parks now.   But Ingressing while walking around was an absolute blast.   I did see a guy wearing an Abbadon T-shirt there on my last visit, and I’ve figured out who was an agent multiple times (Each time an older Dad).    I even saw a family running the game outside of the front gates.   There’s no other place I can play that is more of a huge war zone than Disneyland.   Talk about protecting the civilians !

So the plan is to blue up as much of Downtown Burbank as I can manage.    Most days, that won’t be much, but who knows.    I’m not ranging across town anymore, and I’m doing actual work instead of disappearing for hours at a time to reach Glenoaks Blvd Art or whatever portal needs work.    I’m now the Big Man In DT Burbank with the relocation of my partner-in-Ingress; but given the amount of attention the place attracts, it’s all good.   Tons of blue agents and more than enough ENL head through.

The SCV gets some attention from me but likely not much.   It all depends on what I’m doing, you know, in my Real Life.   The cover story that each Agent has.

And if you’re wondering what the hell that Lawson Power Cube does, take a look at the video which finally let me “get it” :

When to use the one that I’ve hacked is a different question.   Maybe during recharging on an attack ?     Defense always fails because the attacker gets server priority and Ingress is a high-latency game, not to mention half the time I’m connected it’s on higher-latency WiFi versus the cellular networks.    Now with this cube, that could change the balance of power.    Especially in the instance of a portal the enemy can’t knock down the shields easily, use of a Lawson could save the portal.

I would love to see successful defense of a portal, against the best players in the game.   The only times I’ve seen it work is against the noobs.