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With a mammoth case of writers block, I figured I’d toss out where the stats have me in various games I’m playing.

AdVenture Capitalist –

  • 850 Untrigintillion angels on Earth (Mobile)
  • 649 quattordecillion angels on the Moon (Mobile)
  • 12.5 quintrigintillion angels on Earth (PC)
  • 2 quindecillion angels on the Moon (PC)

The next real hurdle is getting to 2,880 Oxygen Bars.    Quite a ways to go, considering costs – I have 2,654 in my current mobile game, and 2,671 on the PC.


  • 21,755,000 AP earned, still Level 14
  • 2 Onyx badges (Guardian, Recharger)
  • 5,914 of 25,000 links for platinum.
  • 3,771 fields of 10,000 for platinum.
  • 45,659 of 50,000 glyphing points.
  • 1,533,000 MU scored of 4 million for Onyx
  • 4,782 of 5,000 for gold Engineer.   Getting close.
  • 21,600 of 30,000 for gold Purifier
  • 28,000 of 30,000 for gold Builder
  • 4,192 of 5,000 for gold Liberator

I’m taking a different approach to the game now.   Instead of trying to help cover Southern California, I’m more hyperlocal in a few select areas.   If you quit worrying about big operations, that changes the game a lot, as well as taking the pressure off of playing all the time.   Downtown Burbank is of course the main focus.    And wherever I travel, I keep Ingress in mind.

Pt Mugu has a neat little campground I was not aware of, and it also contains four portals in various spots – one being behind an “Hours of Operation” barrier.   The Malibu guys seem to want to link to it to keep a block up, so I’m holding the keys I own and charging that portal.    Sometimes, it’s the little things.

Marvel Heroes

Not feeling a lot of interest.  Get in, play for a little bit, and log off.   I’m moving Black Panther along and he’s almost 50; he’ll make my 18th Level 60.   Still collecting items for Level 69 unique crafting.    It’s fun playing in Hightown with the guaranteed unique from every boss wave, this is helping me move forward with the “Completion” of relic stacks.    Once I have 1,000 of some of them, I can start giving them to the unfortunate later heroes who don’t get any yet.

World of Tanks

No particular end to this game in sight.   One single empty tank slot, and 159 filled (!).   I have vague desires to :

  • Unlock every tank
  • Ace mastery for all tanks (39 so far)
  • Finish one nation – buy all the tanks.
  • Finish more lines.

In a sense I’ve finished one line given that I have the Maus; the German TD line ending in JPE 100 still contains one TD I never bought and thus isn’t “Finished”.    Sitting on 5 million credits waiting for something to happen worth spending on, and currently saving above that mark for the Tier X STI gun.

I’ve been playing two low tiers in the hope of Aceing them.   Skills keep going up, so it’s hopefully a matter of time and good luck.   And I’ve got four TD’s I’m grinding up as well.