And gaming, as always, continues – even if I can’t write much about it.

Resource looked like an interesting game.    An economic focused augmented-reality/location based game.   So I installed it, loaded it up, and played with it a bit.   Until I realized I was going to be driving someplace to start up clay pits, which is very close to Ingress play anyway, and I uninstalled the game immediately.

Ingress gets play occasionally.   I’m not making trips to places to play the game anymore, as in “Oh, I need to pick up the pizza?” and my route ends up like this :

Running an errand, Ingress style.

Running an errand, Ingress style.

But if I find myself near a portal, I’m hitting it.   And I got bored at lunchtime today and took an Ingress walk, which was a lot of fun.

AdVenture Capitalist remains a fascinating diversion.    Teaching a sense of scale via numbers is the best thing about it.    Don’t worry about your millions when you are counting in decillions.   The tricky part being game balance.

This..... is Mars.

This….. is Mars.

All milestones have been achieved.   I achieved them in a few days time, due to an imbalance in the way angel investors are earned.    So, nothing further to do here.

And this is Earth.

And this is Earth.

According to the guys on the internet, Earth is not solvable.   The only way to unlock everything similar to Mars, is for thousands of years to pass in real life.   I’m continuing to advance it anyway since it’s fun.    Getting 5,000 newspapers would be quite an achievement.   And if nothing else, they’ll probably rebalance this at some point.

I previously finished off the Earth……… and promptly quit playing.    Dollars to donuts, a lot of people did the same, so the developers made sure you couldn’t just finish.

Then there's the moon.

Then there’s the moon.

The moon is a special case.    Here, the balance is tweaked such that certain investments are much more valuable than others.   How is that ?   It’s all about Oxygen bars.    Getting 2,880 of them gives you a multiplier on them of 666666.    Even with the previous unlock (55,555) buying one oxygen bar is more valuable than hundreds of moon shoes.     So eventually I figured out a few things about playing the moon.

First – Moon shoes and gravity booths are pretty useless.    Buy moon shoes only up to 2,560.    Unless you somehow have enough money for 5,120, which gives an unlock of 999999999.    Not happening to me anytime soon.   Gravity booths should only be purchased to the degree they “don’t matter”, because the money is better spent on oxygen bars.    Cheese mines would be very useful but they follow a pattern similar to the moon shoes – just buy 1,024 of them.

The other investments are useful to buy for fun, and can provide small incremental income amounts – especially when they are low cost.   Can you buy 200 helium farms for a x7 unlock ?   Well, sure.   But don’t buy them until you hit that point.   Keep buying oxygen bars.

The game linked above gives 21 untrigintillion income per second after buying a single oxygen bar.   Buying 150 helium farms gives the amazing return of 700 trigintillion and costs more.     So I’m only buying to get myself big multipliers, or oxygen bars.

The strategy is to increase your angels by 50% with each reset, to hasten the time when you achieve 2,880 oxygen bars, and then the game should be finishable in a short period of time.

Notice how these are mobile games ?  Yep, I’m pretty much on mobile right now.    I’m also playing the Vikings game from Plarium, which is easy simple timer stuff and not something I’m sure I’m enjoying.   Really, the best thing is AdCap.