Grinding along in Marvel Heroes.   It’s becoming a bit more of a grind, and less of simple fun.    The strange thing is, that it’s because of the free stuff.   Let me explain.

The game is free-to-play, but you would never get another hero without eternity splinters.   So they drop, and eventually you have enough for another hero, a team up, or perhaps something else.    All I’m buying is the heroes.   I have a bunch of team-ups (Free ones!) that I’m still levelling up.    And I have a habit of buying heroes with real money when the price is right (Today, I’m $80 into the game).

And Doom will be level 60 tonight, but I still “need to level up” Black Panther up to 60, when the real game begins.   What are you missing if you are not 60 ?

  • Certain achievements like the Holo Sim only fire at 60.
  • Cosmic content.
  • Cosmic Midtown Madness Trial.
  • Danger Room – which I’d like to focus on more for ultimate upgrades.
  • I only want to open those mystic chests and fortune cards at 60, because, high level rewards.
And another tab also full of the cards.....

And another tab also full of the cards…..

So I find myself with a need to get characters to level 60, and by the time I do, I can buy more.    And they need to get to 60.   And so on, and so on, and so on…..

I guess the real lesson is to stop buying heroes and just let some (Panther) stay at low level until I get tired of the level 60 game.