So far, Marvel Heroes Heroes – that is, the various heroes you can play in Marvel Heroes – follow a certain pattern with regard to their powers.

Every hero has one or more movement powers.  Pick one.    They have basic attacks or something to substitute for them.   Pick one.   Get the signature power and use it (although Cable’s has debateable use in my experience, I still use it).    Fill in the rest of the slots with whatever works best.

Then there’s Doctor Doom.    He can be played many different ways and confounds the entire levelling experience.    When I got him, I was thinking I wanted a summoner type character.    Well, what he summons disappears really quickly.   So I went with the Tech branch powers instead, and zapped enemies madly with various fireworks, Energy and Physical based.

Then I unlocked the signature powers.   Doom is unique – he has three of them.   They are one per tree (Tech, Mental, Summoner) and are set up in a way that it is difficult to use all three of them.    But trying them out I loved the Mental tree’s signature – an AOE zap that extends a very long distance.    So I respecced him into a Mental power powerhouse.

At level 42 you unlock a summoner tree item, that further specializes in one of the three trees.    It helps you keep your summoned creatures around longer, but the best ones seem to disappear quickly.    And having such a large gaggle of summoned creatures can be problematic.   I have two AIM bots; ?Four doombots; a flamebot, AOE ground smasher, and a shieldbot; and ?five servo creatures.    And more are coming depending on what artifacts I equip at level 60.   The first two groups stick around forever, while the last two disappear so quickly I’m not sure they even get in any actual damage.

I have to try this whole assemblage for a difficult boss fight and see how it all works.   I used them to complete the story mode Doom encounter, but that one has become easy for me.    How different it was the first time !   I was biting my nails trying to take him out without dying too many times.    Now, it’s a piece of cake for almost any hero.