Now with 17 heroes unlocked, I continue to chase the achievements and slowly accumulate the Omegas.   Daredevil is reported to be a pain to level but a God at 60… my experience seems to match that.   X-23 is a vicious slasher that is a ton of fun and already at 52.    Doom has what looks like a ton of fun powers and excellent voice acting; only level 11 but moving up.   I even still have just over 600 splinters “In case”.

The game’s upgrades are a confusing and difficult bunch of things to figure out.   First important point – the low gear doesn’t matter much.   Purples are good for your first couple of characters – just throw anything on until you have that much.   Cosmics are good after maybe 6 or so heroes.    At some point, the only thing to pay attention to is uniques.

Uniques are the real thing to hoard in the game.    Turn them in for random relic boxes, which I’ve been doing, to move your relic stack for each hero closer to 1,000.   I think Invisible woman has the most for me – 720 or so.   You can turn them in for runes as well, but I pick up tons of runes and haven’t used a lot of them.    And as you go, you’ll get those unstable molecules which are used for crafting.

At some point I figured out that you can upgrade your unique, from say level 30, to a level 60.   Why would you want to do that ?  RNG.   Each one of the uniques has a range of values, and if you get good rolls on your level 30 unique, you should upgrade it for the best item.    Upgrading costs a massive 500k of credits and two molecules.    If only I’d known that – I’ve spent 9 million credits buying bovine portals.

The recipe.

The recipe.

Not only that – say you have a good Level 60/66/69 unique.    You may have another of the same type that’s not so good.   So you can give it a reroll and see if you can get better RNG on it.   That’s about 500k and one molecule.

Some good ones, and some very bad ones.   Good candidate to reroll.

Some good ones, and some very bad ones. Good candidate to reroll.

Also – you can add challenge bonuses to your uniques.   I’ve not done this yet, because it appears challenges are used with the commendation currencies.   Buy a challenge item for 100 or 500 commendations, and you can add it to your item.   If you’ve bought the recipe – with (wait for it)…… commendations.    It makes sense – when you finally have 5 uniques at level 69 what else would you do with the commendations ?

I now have 5 unique level 66 recipes and 3 of the level 69 ones.    After accumulating enough I can add + fighting or + strength bonuses to my items.

So because it’s become a ritual – here’s an updated version of how to play Marvel Heroes.

  • Get your first character to 60.   Cyclops is a good choice, but pick whatever guy you like.
  • Do the daily quests to grind commendations.   Pick up eternity splinters.   Accumulate uniques.   Never throw them away.
  • Get more heroes to 60.   Each one makes the rest more powerful through the magic of synergy bonuses.   Run them through story mode if you like, you can expect to hit 60 that way and get extra splinters.
  • Play to get achievements (optional), which will give you more useful bonuses, and it’s fun to get achievements anyway.
  • Get Legendary weapons and unlock them fully by earning XP.
  • Unlock the unique upgrades and make your uniques 66 and 69 level.
  • Max your Genosha faction.   Then you can buy Level 80 legendary weapons and….. do the legendary grind over again.
  • Reach 2,000 omegas and beat the cosmic trial.   Well, that’s what I’m working towards.   We’ll see if 2,000 is enough.

Stash away that mad cash, and upgrade / reroll your uniques.