Omega points in Marvel Heroes are an interesting feature.    You can have up to 7,500 of them (!), and with all my playtime I’ve managed to accumulate 950 to date.   How do you spend them ?

First, your characters need to be level 30 to use Omega points.    All your characters have as many Omegas as you have on your account.    I’m sure this was done to keep players from creating dozens of accounts and simply unlocking the first hero free, instead of ever buying them.    There are a lot of vague ideas and guides about what to spend the points on, but it’s pretty confusing for a newbie to paw through and decide what to spend on.

I’ve played enough that I have some ideas on that front.

First thing to realize is you can simply reset them over and over and over again.   There is no penalty for resetting and changing your mind about how you’ve allocated them.   So feel free to experiment on your own.

If you want some concrete ideas, I have them.    Go after “Human Augmentation”, “Nanotech”, and “Mutation”.   There are several good choices here if you just experiment on your own.

Less than 10 Omega points ?  Get more regeneration.   Every time my character has died, it’s because he was out of hit points.   Regeneration certainly helps with that – Human Augmentation.   If you are not yet level 60, consider more XP per kill, available in Nanotech.

Once you reach 38, you can buy Spin Tech upgrades, which will give you bonuses versus bosses.   Try it out, but I found this of limited use with just one or two points in it.    10 points, now that’s noticeable, so keep your eye on this one.

At 80 points you can unlock Angel under the Mutation tree, but the only reason to do this is to go after the Warpath unlocks.    Each gives +1 Fighting and this is definitely noticeable with even a single point unlocked on it, and it’s useful no matter what character you are playing.    But at 80, you still want to concentrate on health regen items.    You can build up on both the Nano tree, and Human Augmentation tree, at the same time and up your survivability noticeably.

Nanotech also includes an electricity damage-based bonus right after regeneration.   If you have a melee character – which most of mine are – build up in this for bonus damage for very few points.

Warpath is finally available to you once you have 260 points (80 for Angel, and 180 for Warpath).    This is a good time to reset and reselect this one, then begin anew with building up regeneration while you wait for another 200 points for your second Warpath.

With 470 points, you can either have 2 points in Warpath, or select all 10 of the Spin Tech upgrades.   I found both paths acceptable.    Each of your characters will have a different need, and if they take longer to wipe out bosses then go Spin Tech.

I’m currently running either Spin Tech, or +4 Fighting via Warpath.    The more points you get, the more options you have.   Ranged characters benefit more from Shield Tech, but I found the Warpath to be more useful.    Your mileage may vary.