And now, I think I can safely call myself an Ingress casual.

I’ve made it “Halfway through the game” in the sense that I am halfway to level 16.   20 million AP down, and 20 million to go.   There aren’t a lot of other personal goals one can really work towards in the game; other than badges, and I got a really good one at last :

Onyx Guardian.

Onyx Guardian.

And I’m a bit discouraged about the whole idea of covering areas up with fields.    One thing is very clear – the more I cover up Downtown Burbank in pretty blue fields, the more green players drive in to wreck the whole thing.   They’re just looking for AP, and by fielding I’m giving it to them.

Sure, I get the points for refielding the area, but we tend to do that in one big lump over the space of hours.    And that attracts the enemy.    They drive through and in 5-10 minutes, it’s all gone.    That’s the give and take that’s always been in the game, but lately, I’m just getting really tired of it.   Absolutely everything in the game gives the advantage to the attackers.   Defense consists of hoping the enemy doesn’t drive over to your portal, in other words, there really is no defense.    When the thing you like to do most is field, and fields disappear immediately, this is discouraging.

The global score is driven by players in China, India, and of all things the Middle East.    The regional score is driven by the players in Downtown LA who cover a few blocks and get one million MU.    The best efforts I put forth in Burbank and SCV, while important, don’t register too much on either of these metrics, leaving me falling back on individual goals.    I’ve never built a big field that actually counted towards the score – only the one covering the Burbank Airport, for 24k.

So I’m pulling out my phone most days to Ingress, hitting a portal here and a portal there wherever it is I find myself, instead of plotting a triangle and driving to someplace in reach.