I seem to be suffering from a motivation to blog, given that my gaming lately has been

  1. Lacking in anything to write about, and
  2. Lacking in ability to write when I have something cool going on.

I’ve started up Adventure Capitalist again – if you can call a five minute gaming session true nerd-gaming – still trying to own the entire Earth.    I’ve pretty much quit playing Warships and Warplanes.    Warplanes suffers from a lack of interesting gameplay – it’s best features are the tie-in with Tanks.   Warships seems to suffer from not having the gold economy tied in with Tanks.    I want to buy more ships, but all my slots are full, and I’m not motivated to spend when I have just under 10k in gold on Tanks.

World of Tanks is getting a lot of play.  I own a tank in every slot, and still find the lower and mid tiers the most fun to play in.   I continue to do some of my favorite things when playing tanks –

  1. Playing the list.   Currently moving up from the bottom.   All of my owned tanks should have several matches in them so they aren’t “on the bottom” of the games played chart.    Yes, I am aware this is only of interest to me.
Still playing two of these tanks, but the rest have all been sold.

Still playing two of these tanks, but the rest have all been sold.

2.  Unlocking more tanks and grinding through the credits.    The equipment sale saw me buy about 6 million worth of equipment items for the monstrous tank fleet I own, and I’m now trying to play and gather enough credits for whatever new things I decide to purchase.    Sitting on 3 million credits along with a bunch of junk I’ll sell from my consumables collection.

3.  Thinking about trying to get Class 1 or Ace on every tank I own.   I’m trying to make the pig that is the Medium II into an Ace but so far it’s just a grind with a lousy tank.   The Grant, on the other hand, has had four Ace games and hopefully more before the next unlock.   The Toaster is really discouraging me, map changes have made the Stealth TD’s much harder to play, but I have managed a Class 2 in the thing.   And the list goes on.

Ingress is starting to lose it’s lustre.    I like the Sand Castle analogy for the game – we just go around and kick each other’s Sand Castles down.    Not one to give up easily, I’m still getting in game time, but quite a bit less.

I had quite the day in Vancouver British Columbia, roving across the town and picking up a lot of uniques.    The city was a shambles while I visited, everything torn down and just small bits of fields in play for either side, and I did what I could while sightseeing.

I think the new key capsules are a failure.   They should have done something simpler.    Trying to figure out which capsule I have what key in, is a huge pain in the ass and probably part of the reason the game is less fun.   Ah, well.

And as always, gaming goes on, for gaming is life.