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Gaming progress for the last week includes :

Ingress : Double AP until December 1 is being very kind to me.   Sometime this weekend I hope to make Level 14, and an important fellow agent just made 16 with the boost.

  • 1.5 million MU captured
  • 40k Translator (Glyphing) points, means 10,000 to go until the way is clear to 16.
I enjoyed making this field, 2K MU, but it was just such a long and large blocking field as well.

I enjoyed making this field, 2K MU, but it was just such a long and large blocking field as well.

Warplanes : Hawk 75M purchased and fully upgraded, and continuing to accrue the XP for the F2A.   All other aircraft (Tier I mostly) are elited.   I am avoiding purchasing more stuff until I know more about the grind, or elite one of those two aircraft.

Warships : My fleet includes the Dresden and Hermelin (German II and I) ships.   I like the Germans for some reason I haven’t carefully analyzed.   The Americans are the tree I’m planning to fully explore, and I own 5 ships there, mostly working to elite the St Louis cruiser.

I figured out how to play the Sampson destroyer after a lot of false starts.   The torpedos have a tiny range, so you have to sneak up on other ships or wait for them to move near, fire torpedos, and take evasive action.   Generating smoke helps keep you hidden.   Most of the time when I get near a ship, they fired torpedos at me, and had a good kill rate.   I don’t think Destroyers are my kind of ship, but who knows.  I did manage to elite it, but I’m not buying the next one immediately at least.

I haven’t played my starter Battleship (South Carolina) yet.

Tanks : AT2 elited and removed from the grind list.   That is a TD very much my style.    Still grinding away otherwise.   E-75 (German Heavy), The Toaster (German TD), AMX 46 (French TD), Chi-Nu (Japanese Medium), and the B1 (French Heavy) round out the list.    I’m kind of afraid to play the E-75 since I lose 10k credits every match, usually.   Still need more than 100k XP for the E-100 unlock.   I must not play the AMX 46 very well since I often lose credits, and I’m still playing this thing after such a long time.

The B1 is hysterical to play as a stock tank.  It can’t pen ANYTHING at all.   Not a Tier 3 scout from the rear.   Enemies were nervous about me until they realized I was stock and then chewed me up and spit me out.   But I persevered, did not spend free XP, and managed to get all the gear upgrades and am now working on the next tank.   I don’t know – I might end up enjoying this one.   We’ll see.   56% crew means there’s nowhere to go but up.

The weekend special is 50% off Tier 4-5 heavy tanks (none for me), and 30% of Tier 6-7.  For me, this means the KV-85 is on sale.   Bought, and stocked away.