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I’ve not really kept up with Wargaming since traveling to Ingress – obviously.  I missed the launch of Warships for crying out loud – so over the last day I’ve been digging around.

World of Tanks, Nov 2015

A lot of the game is the same old, same old.    This is good and bad, and a few things really jump out at me :

  • Premium accounts are ridiculous.
  • Paying $50 for a tank is ridiculous.
  • Individual matches never get old.
  • The default skins are sooooo boring.
  • The game’s graphics are just beyond fantastic.

I seem to have bought too many tank slots.   Somewhere between ?10? for a new account, and 153 which is my current total (12 slots free), is a more sweet spot.    I loaded up the game and decided to continue with my Churchill GC (everyone hates it, me included more or less, but I’m still going to unlock that last gun) and my AT-2 (I can’t pen you but you can’t pen me !).

The maps appear to have gone through another round of tweaks, and the next patch of 9.11 is coming soon.   There seems to have been some controversy around version 10, but I haven’t penetrated the problem.   Doesn’t matter – this is still a fine, fantastic game.

The problem I have with how I tried to play World of Tanks was trying to unlock every tank.    That is never going to happen if you stay as a sane person.    Premium giving you a 50% XP boost, means, 150% of never is still never – and it costs you a minimum of $10 a month along with tying you to the game.    Now, playing a match or two a night – or even all night – that’s much more doable, and just enjoy the sensation of progression rather than feeling the need to be controlled by it.

I look at the small sums I’ve spent for other games – $40 per title, $10 for Ingress, maybe $40 for Marvel Heroes – and I compare that to blowing over $300 on World of Tanks.    Yeah, that was probably not wise, and I doubt I’m doing that again.

That’s what I’m saying today, anyway.   See what I end up saying at month end.


World of Warships

The vision of the unified account came true only 1/3 of the way.    Sure, all of Wargaming’s big titles have gold, free xp, and credits; but the gold does not transfer over to Warships.   This is a real irritant, given that I have a ton of gold on my World of Tanks account.   Guess I’m going to be able to train/retrain crew members for quite awhile.    On the other hand, I’d buy full price ship slots right at this moment, but I can’t unless I buy doubloons.

Free XP does not transfer either, but the premium time does.   Yay.   I can be “locked in” to Wargaming’s three premier titles.   I’m not going down that path, thanks very much, but I have to admit the idea of owning additional ship slots will probably get me buying doubloons.    This leaves me with an interesting question on free XP in Tanks – do I spend it already (90k hoarded) or continue to hoard it and perhaps never use it.

The gameplay is fantastic, as good as I remember from closed beta.   After one night, I’ve reached the exalted tier of III with a St Louis cruiser, which I’ve yet to take for a spin – I want to unlock the destroyers first and try that gameplay out.   I’ll have to try and get a game with my buddy going, as well – they do have platoons in the game, I hope.

World of Warplanes

I’m not patching that turd to see if it still stinks.    Reports are, it stinks, so I’ll not dive back in there.

Armored Warfare

HZero has apparently been playing this one, although like me, his blogging seems to have gotten light.   I downloaded the installer and will have to try this one out, at least.

But first – time to unlock the American Destroyer tree.