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My buddy called me last week, really excited.   He saw a commercial about World of Warships.

“Dude !    You gotta try World of Warships – it’s awesome !”

I’m thinking, this must still be open beta.    A lazy websearch also ‘confirms’ this.

“Yeah dude – they aren’t live yet.    The gold isn’t linked between the games, so it’s not live”

This was early last week, and today, as I updated the game, I googled the correct thing and found out the game is released as of September 2015.    Gold has not transferred according to the unified account vision which was described early on in development, but otherwise this is apparently the real deal – it’s all live, you can buy replacement gold currency described as doubloons, and the game and progression will not be reset.

How did I miss this ?    No email – that I could remember.    No announcement.   No other bloggers playing ?    Or am I that far behind reading compatriots blogs ?   No matter, I know about it now.

I haven’t played for months – You know, Ingress took over my life – so I logged in after updating and found myself immediately in some kind of tutorial mission.   While I’ve probably forgotten plenty, I did seem to know enough to survive the tutorial without embarassment.

Survived !

Survived !

The “Garage” is replaced, naturally, with a Port for this game, and I get four starter ships.

Only four ? Aren't there British ships ?

Only four ? Aren’t there British ships ?

Random clicking did not produce the tech tree, but I did find my service record.

There are now 11 "Service Levels" which presumably unlock tiers of the tech tree.

There are now 11 “Service Levels” which presumably unlock tiers of the tech tree.

And so I went into my first battle, which as memory serves, is players on my side and bots on the enemy side.

You start out looking for enemy ships among the islands.

You start out looking for enemy ships among the islands.

I maneuvered a bit and ended up sunk in my first battle.



But the third battle put me into “Service Level 2” where I had access to the tech tree.

That's why I couldn't find it before.

That’s why I couldn’t find it before.

It looks like I have something new to amuse me.