I made another visit to Disneyland on Sunday.    I got to experience first-hand the Halloween Hacks – greater output for trick or treating over the weekend.   Not quite in the method I wanted to get it.

It was pretty much extra bursters, which is cool.   The problem being, when you’re at Disneyland you’re collecting on a lot of very low level portals.    Low level resonators are useful; low level bursters are useless.    And I was getting A LOT of them.   I had to recycle after every three or four hacks, and that got old, even if I did get the XM for it.

Even though I’m sure I looked like a dork, I couldn’t stop Ingressing.   So much time at Disney is spent standing around or in lines; and there are just so many portals everywhere.    You’ll often stand in a spot and be in range of 5 of them.    Unlike other places on Earth, this is typical.    When I was in an area for awhile I’d link them all up or throw yolos, after filling everything out with whatever resos I could.    Or I’d throw links, only to nearby portals.

The most fun was running into an Enlightened area.    Level 8 bursters just wreak total havok in a space like that – and I was on the receiving end of it a couple of times too.   I got to enjoy sitting in the Aladdin Theatre and wondering whether I should drop resos, fire bursters, or just wait and see what the other guy does.

I enjoyed the rides a little.   I’m kind of over Disneyland, but the family loves it.    I’m DEFINITELY over the price of annual passes.    It was mostly about providing a fun time for the family, and I loved that part.

I finally got the opportunity (and the interest) to explain Ingress to my teenage daughter, who decided to show her sweet side instead of her steely side, for once.    I gotta watch it – the last thing I want is her playing this game.    But she put her head on my shoulder and insisted I explain, so I showed her what was happening as we rode the tram back to the car, and I picked up keys someone had dumped on the ground.

If you have an annual pass, and a free day, you couldn’t do better for grinding AP than wandering Disneyland.   I got a ton.    Serious grinding without your family might literally net you a million AP in a day.

And then, as I’m writing this post – STORE !   It’s available for everyone.    I got a few errors as I tried to access it, and an equal number because it’s hard typing a good password into a phone.    But regardless – in a few minutes I purchased my 5 key lockers.

There's a cool animation once you buy the capsules, unfortunately, this was all I got.

There’s a cool animation once you buy the capsules, unfortunately, this was all I got.

I immediately filled up two lockers with Burbank keys, and almost two with Santa Clarita keys.    One key gets left out, and the duplicates all get stored in the key lockers.    I didn’t have enough Santa Clarita keys to fill out the last one, and I’d rather have more of those than Burbank keys.   So the fifth locker is still empty, until I can figure out better what to put into it.

One capsule is also being held with “hacking” keys – the idea is this holds whatever I’m hacking, that I want more keys for.    And I saw something I hadn’t seen since I started playing the game.

My inventory......... is not almost full....

My inventory……… is not almost full….

The plan for the moment is to impose this rule on inventory.

  • 200 bursters max.
  • 40 resos max, each level, except R8 which I’ll hold however many I get.

Which should give me a bunch of empty space so I can actually just hack when I have the opportunity, instead of recycle and recharge as I go.    Whenever I fill up – or get home at night – then I’ll empty things out, meaning clear out about 200+ inventory slots instead of the 50 or so I’d get most of the time, or 10 on a “full day”.

The portal frakkers sound interesting and I may end up paying for them too, but one thing at a time.   I blew $10 already – let’s see how this improves the game, or not.